October 2020
October 31, 2020


Greetings Brethren and Happy Sabbath.

Our Creator is Awesome, and the Power of Prayer is Extremely Inspiring to us.  As you probably know our little Timothy was struck in the head and knocked unconscious by a falling banana tree.  He was hospitalized and remained unconscious.  But after requesting prayers for Timothy, he came awake and aware, but still could not speak, and lacked motor skills.  (We were informed that head injuries of the degree he sustained can take a very long time [if ever] to fully recover.)  So Timothy returned back home to Sengera House, and Brian (Ibu) cared for him.  You may have seen the picture posted in the “September 29th Update” of Ibu feeding Timothy?

Well, prayers continued, and almost immediately after returning to the orphanage, Timothy began speaking and had a full recovery.  The following week his Grandmother died, and he requested to travel to his homeland to bury her.  We agreed, and he traveled back for the burial.  At that time the Feast of Tabernacles was upon us, so he kept the Feast with the Brethren there in Narok.  (Timothy sends his heartfelt thanks to all of you for praying for his prompt and full recovery.) The pictures below were taken last week before he returned back to Sengera House.  As you can see, he is fully recovered and doing quite well.

Yes, that’s Timothy plowing his deceased Grandmother’s field.

Timothy in the blue jacket preparing the ground so his orphan cousin (pictured in the white jacket) can plant some vegetables and survive.  All of our brethren over there are peasant farmers.  There are no food banks.  (If you don’t work hard and dig the ground, and if you’re not blessed with a good harvest, you starve.)

Timothy requested to return to the orphanage with his little cousin, hoping to move him into Sengera House.  But we had to turn his request down.  With the cost of school fees (schools are just beginning to open back up in Kenya) and the constant threat of being jailed and bribery by the authorities, taking on additional orphans at this time, would be a bit too costly for our current budget.  (And there are other church orphans currently suffering who have previously requested to be taken in.) As mentioned in a recent “Kenya Update” 15% of households in Kenya are headed by an orphan sibling.  700 children in the country are orphaned every day (this is a child every two minutes.) And many of these children are our very own brethren.

We (Kenya Hands of Hope) have been busy assisting our impoverished brethren the best we can, especially the “true” widows and church orphans, but yes, there are still some more of our brethren who are suffering and in need of help.

I was once criticized and told that “I’m always asking for money” But Brethren, please understand the need is great over there amongst our Brethren.  And no one (I mean “no one”) is living extravagantly in any way.  Even when we travel to visit church groups, to encourage them, and council perspective members who request visits, we stay at the cheapest places we can find, usually $10 for the night (sometimes even $5 a night when we can find.)

We continue to struggle to distribute funds according to priority.  And our Lord continues to stretch the funds that are received.  We pray always to be good stewards, because the “need” “crop” “harvest” is “tremendous” “great”.  But (as our Lord said) the “laborers” “workers”  “supporters” are few.  And please remember that I’m only another spoke in the wheel.  Thankfully it’s our lord at the helm.  So let us pray Him to send forth more laborers, so we can help more of our brethren both physically and most importantly Spiritually, especially now with the harvest knocking at our door.

The toughest part of bringing this to the table is “not wanting” the ones who contribute regularly to give more.  This is Not for their ears, this is for others who have “ears” to “hear” and “eyes” to “see”.  We need more of our brethren to become aware of the dire needs of our poor brethren living in these 3rd world countries around the world who are really suffering, and to join hands with us in assisting them, especially the suffering widows and orphans. 

We don’t need a ton of money; we just need a few more brethren over here in these wealthier countries to become aware of the suffering, and to join us in assisting the best we can.  If others only knew of the need, some would help on the spot.  So please, if you can in any way give this some exposure, please do so.  Even now, our funds are totally depleted.

We started “KHofH” back in 2007, and have assisted many “true” widows and church orphans over the years.  Our “Update Page” which documents what we have been doing with the funds received goes back for many years.  Please take the time to check it out.  You will see that Much has been (and is being) accomplished.  Please join hands with us as we move forward, working together in unity, under the leadership and guidance of our Lord and Savior, the one and only true Head of the church.

Your brother in Christ.

Bill Goff

*If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to call or contact anytime night or day, our brethren need our help.

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October 14, 2020

Greetings Brethren,

We want to thank our Heavenly Father, and His Beloved Son for the wonderful Feast of Tabernacles you donors have provided our impoverished E.  African Brethren. Just over one thousand Brethren attended this years Feast, with a total of ten separate sites. The Feast was a total success, with not only plenty of Spiritual food thanks to all the timely teachings, but also an abundance of physical foods to satisfy everyone’s stomachs. Your Brethren thank you for supporting this years feast from the bottom of their heart.

Sengera Feast Site

(Received following report from Haron Mokoro, overseer at Sengera House Orphanage:)

Dear elder Bill

It is another moment God has set apart to say thanks and showing much appreciation for standing with us for financial aid towards Feast of Tabernacles. It was much happy moments. We meet up with different people and enjoyed wonderful meals which came through you, and various angry stomachs were fed.

We had different speakers who spoke from various biblical topic to enlighten and keep us focused on soon coming Son of God who is our Savior the Lord Jesus Christ who will soon establish the Kingdom of God here in earth.

We also had ten FOT sites in various parts of the country, and we thank almighty God for good health provision. Among the sites we had no COVID19 or other diseases case. We were much congested but God protected us. Widows and orphans got much advantage for getting well balanced diet meals. For 8 days we show healthy changes among most poor brethren who came skin and bone.

We appreciate for offering us nice and cool sleeping places, through KHOH providing building we were able to accommodate more visitors. The old man from South Mogirango was first time enjoyed a hot shower which has never experienced it for the last 80 years. It was wonderful and happy time various brethren enjoyed new environment.

Again with aid of rocket stoves from idea of elder William Goff helped mothers to make nice coffee and tea within short period of time.

Thank you Donors for Feast of Tabernacles support and may God bless you.

Mokoro Haron.

Transmara Feast Site

I would also like to report on Brian Wako Matara, he is the eldest orphan of Matara. (Matara is that elderly man who was arrested at 92 years old for not informing the Kenya Government that he was caring for five orphans.) We had Brian in school for a while, but It was a struggle for him. So few Months ago we arranged with an elderly carpenter who was looking to retire, to teach Brian the trade. He is doing quite well, the man says Brian enjoys the work very much, and has the talent and ability to become a fine carpenter.


Brian Matara is very thankful to you donors for giving him a future by supporting him to learn carpentry. He has been working hard learning carpentry and making money to support Matara and the other four orphans living with them.

Narok Feast Site

Shimba Hills (Mombasa) Feast Site.

Received the following report from Elijah at Shimba Hills:

Brethren greetings, we church members of Mombasa, Shimba Hills thank God for His grace that enabled us to know and understand the purpose of worshipping Him through observing His Feast of Tabernacles. We held a very joyful feast 2020 held at the church ground instead of primary school as we planned, due to covid tension.

We also appreciated and want to thank you for the support we received from you through brother Bill Goff. The funds received helped us as far as food for the feast, no one lacked food during the entire eight days. May God bless you all.

We also have to thank God who enabled Bill to prepare several messages that we shared during the week. The message are so spiritual for this end-times.

The church members who attended the feast this year were 46, we also received guests during the feast. We also have three who have been counseling, and requesting to be baptized.

May our Lord bless all of you.

Elijah Mutie.

We have also been able to equip Kelvin (the orphan boy who has been caring his five young siblings) with a sewing machine. They hope to begin making their daily bread with it.

Kelvin now pursuing the field of sewing to earn their daily bread.

Ikenye Feast Site

Currently waiting for report and pictures from the other sites.

Also waiting to hear the fate of Haron and his arrest, thank you for praying for him.

Bill Goff

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