March 2020
March 28, 2020

Greetings from Sengera Kenya.

Hope all of you are fairing well under the wings of our Heavenly Father who has blessed us, and promises to protect us, no matter the circumstance. We here in Kenya are doing well. Much has transpired in the past few weeks due to the precautions the Kenya Government has taken to try and combat the Coronavirus. So I have much to report on, and much good news to announce.

First let me inform that all school have been closed here in Kenya due to the virus, and there is no plan to reopen for at least two Months, depending on the outcome of the pandemic. We have also been informed earlier this week that any of our orphans who have relatives back at their home lands, must move in with them temporarily until the virus has subsided. So eight of our orphans who had elderly grandparent, traveled on Thursday March 26th to reside with them. They have all reached safely, and we have also supplied them with food and soaps.

The children travel to their grandparents on motorbikes.

I am also happy to inform you that much of the interior of the boys new dormitory including the bedrooms have now been completed. The boys have moved out of the cafeteria, and now sleeping in their new house. What a blessing this is for them. We thank our Heavenly Father for you donors who have made this possible. We are now well on our way to completing all the construction.

Much of the work on the dormitory was
accomplished by the orphans themselves.

Africa is a rough and tough place, and can be very dangerous at times. On Wednesday the 25th, Nehemiah was traveling via motorbike to one of the remote widows when it began to downpour quite heavenly. His motor bike hit a rock and both him and the driver were threw into a rushing flash flood. Both were carried down stream. As they struggled to exit the current their clothes were ripped from them, and they were bruised up, but both made it out alive. Nehemiah also lost his wallet (which contained his ID plus two of the churches debit cards) he had also taken in some of the polluted water, but thanks to our a Heavenly Father, they were well protected from serious injury or death. The following day we received a call from a man who had found the wallet and kindly returned it intact (And he lives a considerable distance down stream and beyond a waterfalls.)

Our Creator sure has His ways of controlling things and altering the course of our lives. The Coronavirus alone is causing much havoc around the world. I received a letter today from a very humble church brother from Australia. He made a comment concerning this virus that may very well be true. He said This: “My own feeling is that God may be giving Western rich nations – including of course the church --- a taste of what most of the world has always experienced, especially as there has been such a reluctance to help the poor (also including some in the church /church franchises).”

As I see so many of our impoverished brethren suffer so severely, I often wonder what the wealthy “brethren” think they are going to do with all their money, as the plagues, famines, and the rest of the end time calamities befall on this evil age in which we are living? The majority of the brethren who are assisting our impoverished brethren are poor themselves. but they continue to sacrifice to assist their brethren. We are All well versed in the parable of the sheep and the goats, how those who have compassion, those who have true love and outgoing concern for others are going to enter into God’s coming Kingdom. But those who are lacking this compassion and love will not be granted entrance. yes, we are all well versed, But how many believe what our Lord and Savior tells us? Brethren, is our treasure in the wealth of this present evil age, or is our treasure up in heaven where it belongs?

Thanks to you donors, Kenya Hands of Hope has also funded the plastering of one of the widows houses which was subject to collapse. The house is now quite secure, and she passes her heartfelt thanks on to you donors. she has been crying out for help for some time now. And please understand she was not asking for anything extravagant, her house is quite modest, made out of mud, and she has four young children who’s food (when they have some) is rations for their survival.

Margaret Moraa (church widow) mud house was plastered
on the outside with a skin of cement to strengthen it.

Concerning the plague of Desert Locust, new swarms continue forming. The situation remains extremely alarming in the Horn of Africa, specifically Kenya, Ethiopia and Somalia where widespread breeding is in progress and new swarms are starting to form, representing an unprecedented threat to food security and livelihoods at the beginning of the upcoming cropping season.

Concerning Passover, I was scheduled to travel to Bomet to keep it with a combined expected attendance of 80 brethren. But due to the restrictions on travel and the curfew that has been implemented, our plans may have to be changed. And Kenya police are quite strict when it come to enforcing their laws. On Wednesday they announced that a curfew will be starting on Friday from 7pm until 5am until further notice. In Mombassa you have to take a ferry to leave the city and return home. As the ferry departed that evening, some were unable to board do to full capacity. As the clock struck 7pm, the police immediately began beating with wooden clubs all that remained. It was reported that some lost eyes, and some who were pregnant were also among the ones beaten. The police said they were only following orders. The following day the curfew starting time in Mombassa was changed to 8:30pm

O how badly this world needs our Lord to return and set things right. And the way things are transpiring, we see His return is rapidly approaching. So let me end here with the last two verses in the book of Revelation, where the Apostle John says: Surely I come quickly. Amen. Even so, come, Lord. The grace of our Lord be with you all. Amen.

February 2020
February 22, 2020


Gospel continues to spread in Kenya, even by some of our students at Sengera House Orphanage. The orphans are not only learning much about the Scriptures, but the older ones are spreading their beliefs at school, and its being well received and bearing fruit.

I received this letter from Nehemiah Sibwoga, (Nehemiah is much evolved at the orphanage assisting Haron the overseer.) He (Nehemiah) is in 2nd year of High School, and boarding at Bombaba Secondary School in Mogonga, Kenya. He writes this:

I thank God for the correspondence course, which I been going with to school; it has brought God glory in school. I share the gospel each time I get a chance in school to preach. Teachers enjoy, and my fellow students enjoy. Two teachers and a group of students requested for Bibles. I don't know what to do. Some of my fellow students do come to services each Sabbath at the orphanage, and many are willing to come including the two teachers. They say Church of God is the best in teachings they say.”

As for the bibles they requesting, we are addressing that issue, and hope to supplying them soon.

Also received this letter of thanks to you donors from Nehemiah:

Hi to our lovely Donors.

Receive warm greetings from Nehemiah Sibwoga, one of the Sengera Orphanage family orphans which are under Pastor William P Goff. Let me take this opportunity to thank you for the help you have given us. Through you, we are in boarding high schools. Actually, you have enabled us to have access to very many opportunities like decent clothes, good shelter, food and many other things, even medication when we are sick.

Currently we are on our half term; our prayers are for our Lord God to bless you for all you do for us. In life I never expected to be in this good situation as I am now in this safe and conductive environment in our camp, thanks to you and the care of pastor Goff.

Lastly, I pass my gratitude and greetings on to those of you who have been helping us.

Nehemiah Sibwoga, Sengera Orphanage.

Another thank you came in. This one from Veroscovia (eldest girl living at Sengera House) She writes:

Greetings to Donors.

Receive warm greetings from veroscovia who is orphan here at Sengera Orphanage. Actually let me start by saying that sometimes back before I came to Sengera Orphanage my life was actually terrible. I didn't have clothes or food and no medical. Even school was difficult to attend after my parents died. I was in terrible situation.

It reached a time I was very sick and I went many days hungry without eating food and my life was close to death. Then a young man called Haron heard of my situation from our church pastor, and he took me to hospital and later he took me to Sengera Orphanage. Then I learned that Kenya Hands of Hope has rescued my life through you supporters and donors.

Now I'm staying in a good life together with the other kids here, and now we are familiar to each other. Thanks to you donors I'm also in a boarding school, I'm wearing nice clothes, I'm being fed good and healthy, and whenever I'm sick I just go to clinic.

Actually I don't know how much thanks I can give out because of the great support you have given. You have saved my life. What I can say is that let God bless you and make your lives to stay longer in this Earth. You have been a blessing and a life saver to me and the other orphans here.

Your sincerely kid,

One more letter of appreciation and thanks to you donors is from Manley Mochama, Manley and his sister Jemimah came to Sengera House three years ago after their parents both died. Here’s what he writes:

Allow me take this opportunity to thank you Donors for the great support you have given us orphans here at Sengera House. Nobody can stop me to say thanks of the wonderful things that you have done. May our God bless you abundantly and add you years as we are waiting the second coming, when those who are rich in God and trustful, will be going to enjoy honey and milk and living eternal life in the coming Kingdom of God.

Thank you also for last teaching, as many in school (which I share) appreciates. Was about “Truth” and the importance there of. My fellow students (and few teachers) liked the teaching very much, and yearn to hear more. Thanks also for paying our school fees. Thank you for great things you are doing upon us.

Manley Mochama

Now, before I move on, let me tell a story here that every brother and sister in the church of God needs to hear. So let me call this:

An open letter to the Brethren in All Branches of the church of God:

As many of you know, we had a fire seven Months ago at the Sengera Church Orphanage that burnt down the boys living quarters. The fire turned out to be a bit of a blessing, because that structure was a temporary building made of mud, and already showing signs of collapse, needing to be replaced. And, thank God, no one was hurt in the fire, although it was very close.

We were already trying to raise funds to replace that building before the fire, but funds are hard to come by. We do have a number of steady donors that send assistance and support which keeps the orphanage running, and has been helping numerous “true” widows. Thanks to them we have been able to keep all the orphans in school, food on the table for them (although sometimes we still run out, but no one complains) and paying for additional clothes as they become needed. But the need for some of our suffering impoverished brethren continues. Even the boys at Senger House are still sleeping in the cramped cafeteria. We had hoped to have the new dormitory competed before 3rd term which began January 1st. but didn’t have the funds, so the construction came to a halt.

I reached out to a few of the larger churches of God, informing them of the situation here, that we had true church orphans who were in need of help, but they turned a blind eye on our suffering brethren. One leader of large cog organization, after looking at our situation said this: “you are doing a good work helping our impoverished widows and orphans, but (and I’m going to quote him here) “we cannot assist because we like to help our own brethren here in the States before we help anyone abroad.”

Sad to say, he wouldn’t help at all. And I had just heard his update message he gave that Sabbath as he was visiting the area from their church headquarters, concerning how well his organization was doing financially, with literally tens of thousands in the bank.

Meanwhile, I reached out to another man on the board in that same cog organization, thinking that maybe he would help. After showing him the dire situation of our suffering brethren, He also patted me on the back and said (and I’m going to quote him here) “you’re doing a great job helping the impoverished brethren, but preaching the gospel is a business, and in business when you don’t get a return, you pull out. We tried Africa, but got no return, so we don’t deal with them anymore.”

Brethren, I can go on and on about the corporate churches of God, and how they sometimes turn their backs on brethren in need. But how long is it going to take for the members in God’s church to wake up and distinguish who is a true disciple of Jesus Christ, and who is not. There is simplicity in Christ Jesus; He doesn’t make it too difficult for us to recognize true disciples. They can easily be distinguished by whether they have Love, yes, love, one to another. John 13:35

Mean while at that time some of our brethren were affected by the “Mau Eviction” (you can read about it on the Web.) They had property that they purchase in the past and even had deeds for their land. But the land they were on was in the Mau Forest, part of the Great Rift Valley, the largest water shed in all of Kenya, and the Government complained that the settlers were damaging its stability. (You can read up on it and get the details if you want on the Web, just Google “Mau Forest”)

But what I want to focus on is the suffering that our brethren went through as they were forced off their land, running for their lives, carrying whatever they could quickly grab and flee. The ones who were pushing them out were even burning their houses down.

Our brethren fled and took up camp in the woods, and begged us for assistance. And all they were asking for was enough funds to transport them out of the woods and to the city of Narok. They felt they had a chance to survive if they could get to Narok, because they could sleep at night under some of the store fronts in town, or anywhere they could take shelter out of the elements. They only needed $200 to transport them (about 5 families) But we Kenya Hands of Hope (khofh) were out of funds at the time, and it took just over a week to raise them. Sad to say, in the mean time those brethren of ours slept in the woods with no shelter, and it was during wet season with lots of rain. Two of the children died from the elements and were buried right there in the woods, as they continued to wait for help.

All this is well documented. The “Kenya Update” page on our Website goes back for many years. Documenting all that we have been involved in over the years, trying to help cog widows and orphans, and our poor brethren who are really suffering.

And by the way, for anyone who is not aware, supporting our orphans and “true” widows is big obligation of ours. James 1:27 defines pure religion.

We have a hand full of steady donors (around 30) Most of whom are poor themselves, but continue to support the orphans and widows, and have eased their pain and suffering a lot. And, as I often write, we are NOT asking the current donors to give more; they are already giving above and beyond. What we need is a few more to join hands with us. At the moment, we could really use a good boost, because funds are currently depleted.

I reached out to another larger cog organization who has an “outreach department” I informed them of the situation, and how we were hoping for some help from them (if possible) in completing the boy’s dormitory. But it has been over three Months now since first contacting them. They don’t seem to realize how these orphans are suffering.

What troubles me is that they posted their financial report again for another year. And from what I see of it they pulled in about $20,000,000 (Yes 20 Million) in tithes and offerings. (So much funds, that I think they made $300,000 in interest and other investments.  You can see it for yourself, its public notice. Link is at:

And please don’t misunderstand me here, I’m not condemning anyone in their organization, It’s not my job to do that, that’s our Heavenly Father and Elder Brother’s department, we all will have to answer to Them at Christ’s return. But I am obligated to inform you about all of this, especially with so much suffering going on amongst our Brethren, and so many true brethren in need of some help.

The Apostle John questioned how the love of God can possible be dwelling in a person who has this world’s good, and sees his brother in need, and shutteth up his bowels of compassion. 1John 3:17

After being turned down by them last Month, I asked if they could give anything, any amount at all would help, but they never replied. We are still hoping they will reconsider.

And these are children here that we are trying to help. Orphans who are members of God’s church. We paid no attention to which cog they attended with their family before their parents died. That made no difference to us. All that separating into hundreds of splinter groups is all manmade nonsense. Don’t let men lead you astray. Man has divided the church into hundreds of separate groups, But in God’s eyes there are only two groups out there. Yes, two, the wise and the foolish, the sheep and the goats. And at Christ’s return, He will be inspecting the flock. Sheep will be entering into His Kingdom, BUT Goats will not be allowed in. Matthew 25:31-46.

So Brethren, please continue to pray for our impoverished brethren, especially the widows and orphans. And please try to pass this request on to others. There are true brethren out there in all the splinters, those with compassionate hearts. And I’m sure would definitely help, IF they were made aware of the need. The problem is getting through the door of the hierarchical church organizations to inform them, because the hierarchy opposes us. They are not for us, they are against us. In Apostle John’s time there was only one “Diotrephes” out there shunning the brethren, and wanting the preeminence, BUT today there are Many in God’s church wanting the preeminence, and to be on top. They don’t seem to realize that our Lord and Savior is Alive and Well, and quite capable of heading His church. Let us pray for them to wake up and repent, before it’s too late.

In other news, the chicken project we have started is bearing more fruit. As you probably know from some previous Updates, we have funded some of the church widows to start raising chickens for their livelihood. The project is going on well. It has improved their health, and even the droppings from the birds are helping their gardens. They are now selling and eating eggs. The flock also continues to grow.

We are also keeping our eyes on the current plague of “Desert Locusts” that are devastating large areas in quite a few countries right now.

Currently hundreds of millions of locust are swarming in E. Africa with unprecedented size and destructive potential. According to the United Nations' Food and Agriculture Organization, four E. African countries are currently being plagued by these locusts. Also Pakistan & India are being plagued by them.(The report goes on to say) The Desert Locust, the most devastating of all locust species, are eating up crops in areas already susceptible to food and water shortages. There swarms have been measured to be of unprecedented size, some 50 miles long by 25 miles wide. (One swarm stopped just short of one of our brethrens property.)

Jenifer Laerke of the UN humanitarian office in Geneva, says that even one small swarm of these insects can consume enough food for 35,000 people in a single day. What we are witnessing in east Africa and across much of the Middle East right now is hard to believe. 360 billion locusts are eating everything in sight, and UN officials are warning that this plague of "Biblical proportions" could get many times worse over the next several months.

It is our Heavenly Father that will provide for us IF we seek His Kingdom and His Righteousness. But we still have to do our part. Like Paul says, if one doesn’t work, he shouldn’t eat. In another place it says to observe the ants. With the plague of Locust just few hour drive away from our camp, it would probably be a good idea to stock up on a little extras food at this time. But currently we are out of funds. We also need to complete the boys dormitory so they can move out of the cafeteria, and into the house, where they will have room to study, and also a place to keep their clothes.

I also have something very sad to report on. As mentioned in the past updates, some of Nehemiah’s school mates have been attending Sabbath Services with us for some time now. They live to far away to walk, so have to travel on Motorbike, which is extremely dangerous. On Sabbath morning one of the bikes had an accident on the way. One boy died, and the other in critical condition. Please pray for him, and for their families. And most of all let us pray Thy Kingdom Come, because this world is really suffering, and in need of our Father’s Kingdom.

Friday Night Bible Study at the Orphanage.

February 1, 2020
Greetings Brethren,

It’s been six Months since the fire which destroyed the boy’s dormitory at the church orphanage in Sengera, Kenya. I am happy to inform you that thanks to the Love of our Creator, and the prayers and support of all of you who have been assisting, the rebuilding is coming along quite well. We have now completed plastering the walls of the house both inside and out. Next we hope to accomplish phase two of both the plumbing and electrical. Currently our funds are depleted, so construction is at a standstill, but as mentioned in our last update, school fees have been paid and all the children are back in class. Brethren, your good works continue to glorify our Heavenly Father.

Outside and Inside Plastering is Complete

In our previous update we mentioned how many prophetic end time signs continue to transpire all around the world, form earthquakes to wars, and fires to famines. There are also plagues of locust of Biblical Proportions attacking eight countries in E. Africa, including Kenya where the size of some of the swarms is unprecedented. Billions of locusts are eating everything in sight, and every single day many more farms are being completely wiped out. One swarm measured 37 miles long and 25 miles wide, according to the Intergovernmental Authority on development (IGAD). This recent outbreak is of desert locusts, considered the most dangerous locust species. The outbreak is making the region’s bad food security situation worse, according to the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), with hundreds of thousands of acres of crops destroyed. One of our church families I spoke to this past week said one swarm stopped less than one mile from their property.

So many people from around this world are suffering from hunger. Even our local school in Sengera continues to send the students home for lunch ever since they closed their kitchen last year due to lack of food to cook. Many of these elementary school children arrive at school each morning with empty bellies, and then walk home to find little to nothing to eat for lunch. The orphans at Sengera House thank you donors from the bottom of their heart for the assistance you continue to give them. We thank God for the compassionate hearts that He has bestowed in you. Your donations continue to help so many of our impoverished brethren, including many church orphans and widows that are outside our camp. We also try to serve a hot meal of rice and beans after services each Sabbath. For many, this is the best meal they eat all week.

We also continue to receive visit requests.  Apparently there is still room at the Great Wedding Banquet that our Heavenly Father has prepared  (Matthew 22:1-10 & Luke 14:15-24).  So the instruction for His servants to go out into the highways and hedges is still ongoing. Some of the recent requests are coming from Western Kenya.  Those being called at this time are hearing the Gospel over the Internet, and then requesting visits.

Bill Goff will be traveling to Fort Walton Beach, Florida to visit “Stream of Life” a small group of believers who have been supporting our impoverished E. African Brethren for a long time. He is scheduled to speak Sabbath of February 8th. If you have any questions concerning this visit, please contact Sandy Funk at 850-240-3764.

The construction of the Boy’s New Dormitory
has been coming along Quite Well.

Hopefully others will join hands with us to complete the construction of this important project. These orphans are so precious, and they have been through so much suffering in the past. How fortunately we are to have this opportunity to help them. Praise our Heavenly Father for that!

Your brother in Christ
Bill Goff

January 2020
January 12, 2020

Greetings Brethren,

Greetings from Kenya. I hope you are as excited as I am concerning the signs of the times in which we are living? Not that I like to see all these troubles that continue to alarmingly escalate all around the world, but the fact that the Kingdom of God is finally at the doors should excite all of us. We have heard that the "end times" are here for a long time, but now we have more solid verification. Remember He tells us that when we "see" all these things taking place, know that it is Nigh, even at the Doors "plural." (What I'm trying to say is Let us be careful here that we don't fall into the "crying wolf syndrome".) Yes we been hearing its the end for a long time, but if we open our eyes and see the signs of the times in which we are living, its different now. It's 's quite obvious that these are the "latter days". And not only the latter days, but approaching the sounding of the school bell. That midnight cry of Matthew 24:1-51 and Revelation 10:1-11 is not far from sounding. And by the way, I believe those two "cry's" are the same cry. If you check the Greek we see that the cry of Matthew 24:1-51 comes out of that "Mighty Angel's" cry of Revelation 10:1-11.

All you hear today is how there is trouble everywhere, and so many unprecedented occurrences. O yes, there is much trouble ahead for this entire world, and the sooner it comes, the better. So many around this world are really suffering, many horrendously. Their suffering, their pain will not end until our Lord and His Saints usher in the Kingdom of God on this earth.

I'm writing this letter from Nairobi, Kenya. Have been in the country for few Months now, spending much time working at the orphanage, improving the conditions there, and building the new dormitory. We were hoping to have it completed before school resumed on January 6th, but we weren't able to achieve that. But things are moving forward quite well. Enough donations came in that all our orphans at Sengera House have their school fees paid for 1st term and are back in school. Sixteen are in local elementary school, and three are boarding in High school. This is a wonderful blessing. We have also been able to pay the school fees for the orphans living at Matara's. We thank you donors for all of this, and praise our Heavenly Father who gets all the Glory from your good works.

The children thank all of you who have been assisting them.

Manley (our future doctor) heading back to school

Ibu in the yellow sweats assisting Nehemiah and Veroscia
as they return to boarding school for start of 2nd year of High School.

As mentioned in last update, we have been assisting true church widows with some chicken projects. The following report comes from Nehemiah who has been overseeing that project:


Greetings our lovely Donors. Hope you are of Good healthy and always well cared by our Lord God.  We (Margaret, Mosora widow and Jane, Nyamaruma widow) really appreciate what God has done for us through you brothers and sisters.

Actually, the hen project has made us proud and even making our Church of God very shining thus showing brotherhood and sisterhood especially to a few who have visited our homes.

Since we received the project, the faces of our kids are now good. Out of the hen products (eggs) and now our small gardens, where we plant vegetables, have improved its fertility thus bringing out a good yield of vegetables and all this is due to the hens' waste products.

Brothers and Sisters wherever you are, we are praying for you, praying also for pastor Bill Goff for your work. God bless you.

Lastly, thank you, and God bless you."

As you can see from the above letter from Nehemiah, and the pictures below, the hen project is real success.

We also visited the church in Ramula recently.  The brethren are of high spirits, and welcomed us with open arms.  We found the pastor (John Ogada) son in the Hospital now, suffering. Barely able to walk, skin and bone condition.  I asked John what his family normally take for breakfast, he replied ugali and tea. (Ugali is just made from flour from corn) and how about lunch?  Ugali.  And supper?  Sometimes we take meat. How often do you eat meat?  Sometimes once a week. How about beans?  Sometimes once a week.

It's no wonder why the boy can't walk, our impoverished brethren are really suffering in these 3rd world countries.  We (KHofH) were able to assist them with some funds to buy some nutritional food including some carrots, potatoes, oranges and ingredients for porridge.

Ramula church

Our message to them was the same, how we need to be walking this earth uprightly, demonstrating that Holy Righteous Character of our Father.

In Kenya one hears little to no world news, so it is important to enlighten and encourage our impoverished brethren, how the suffering is soon to end at Christ's return.  And this brings us back to what we were saying earlier

Brethren, tarrying time is over, what needs to be on top of our "to-do-list" is summed up in one word "conquer".  Matters not which church we are in because "all" seven churches have the same requirement, to be promoted and fulfill our High Calling, one has to overcome.

If we are still lacking in that area, we better wake up while there's still time to achieve.  We know God is no respect of persons.  Soon His church will be standing in front of Him up on the Sea Of Glass. But not everyone will be there, and scripture clearly shows us who will, and who will not.  The qualifications are summed up in one word in Revelation 15:2 the six words "them that had gotten the victory" come from only one Greek word "conqueror" overcomes, prevailed, victory.  Only the conquerors will be standing there.  And sooner then we may realize.  Notice verse 1 gives us the time frame. His church will be standing up there while the Beast power is still in control down on this earth.  And the way this world is going, that Beast Power is soon to show his face.

For us in God's church who have such a High Calling, let us not be lured to sleep thinking everything is okay.  Our calling needs to be kept on the front burner of our lives, and all the more as we see the day approaching, we need to overcome the ways of this world. Neither Our Father, nor His Son will dwell with sin.  And we need to continue practicing that pure religion of James 1:27.

Concerning the construction of the new dormitory.  We did reach out for financial help to one of the larger churches of God organization.  And they are considering our request.  We are still waiting their reply.

So let me end here by saying thank you once again to you donors. It is a real pleasure working together with you. Much is being accomplished, and the pain of many of our brethren is being eased thanks to you.

Donation receipts will be going out soon.

Your brother in Christ
Bill Goff

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