January 2020
January 12, 2020

Greetings Brethren,

Greetings from Kenya. I hope you are as excited as I am concerning the signs of the times in which we are living? Not that I like to see all these troubles that continue to alarmingly escalate all around the world, but the fact that the Kingdom of God is finally at the doors should excite all of us. We have heard that the "end times" are here for a long time, but now we have more solid verification. Remember He tells us that when we "see" all these things taking place, know that it is Nigh, even at the Doors "plural." (What I'm trying to say is Let us be careful here that we don't fall into the "crying wolf syndrome".) Yes we been hearing its the end for a long time, but if we open our eyes and see the signs of the times in which we are living, its different now. It's 's quite obvious that these are the "latter days". And not only the latter days, but approaching the sounding of the school bell. That midnight cry of Matthew 24:1-51 and Revelation 10:1-11 is not far from sounding. And by the way, I believe those two "cry's" are the same cry. If you check the Greek we see that the cry of Matthew 24:1-51 comes out of that "Mighty Angel's" cry of Revelation 10:1-11.

All you hear today is how there is trouble everywhere, and so many unprecedented occurrences. O yes, there is much trouble ahead for this entire world, and the sooner it comes, the better. So many around this world are really suffering, many horrendously. Their suffering, their pain will not end until our Lord and His Saints usher in the Kingdom of God on this earth.

I'm writing this letter from Nairobi, Kenya. Have been in the country for few Months now, spending much time working at the orphanage, improving the conditions there, and building the new dormitory. We were hoping to have it completed before school resumed on January 6th, but we weren't able to achieve that. But things are moving forward quite well. Enough donations came in that all our orphans at Sengera House have their school fees paid for 1st term and are back in school. Sixteen are in local elementary school, and three are boarding in High school. This is a wonderful blessing. We have also been able to pay the school fees for the orphans living at Matara's. We thank you donors for all of this, and praise our Heavenly Father who gets all the Glory from your good works.

The children thank all of you who have been assisting them.

Manley (our future doctor) heading back to school

Ibu in the yellow sweats assisting Nehemiah and Veroscia
as they return to boarding school for start of 2nd year of High School.

As mentioned in last update, we have been assisting true church widows with some chicken projects. The following report comes from Nehemiah who has been overseeing that project:


Greetings our lovely Donors. Hope you are of Good healthy and always well cared by our Lord God.  We (Margaret, Mosora widow and Jane, Nyamaruma widow) really appreciate what God has done for us through you brothers and sisters.

Actually, the hen project has made us proud and even making our Church of God very shining thus showing brotherhood and sisterhood especially to a few who have visited our homes.

Since we received the project, the faces of our kids are now good. Out of the hen products (eggs) and now our small gardens, where we plant vegetables, have improved its fertility thus bringing out a good yield of vegetables and all this is due to the hens' waste products.

Brothers and Sisters wherever you are, we are praying for you, praying also for pastor Bill Goff for your work. God bless you.

Lastly, thank you, and God bless you."

As you can see from the above letter from Nehemiah, and the pictures below, the hen project is real success.

We also visited the church in Ramula recently.  The brethren are of high spirits, and welcomed us with open arms.  We found the pastor (John Ogada) son in the Hospital now, suffering. Barely able to walk, skin and bone condition.  I asked John what his family normally take for breakfast, he replied ugali and tea. (Ugali is just made from flour from corn) and how about lunch?  Ugali.  And supper?  Sometimes we take meat. How often do you eat meat?  Sometimes once a week. How about beans?  Sometimes once a week.

It's no wonder why the boy can't walk, our impoverished brethren are really suffering in these 3rd world countries.  We (KHofH) were able to assist them with some funds to buy some nutritional food including some carrots, potatoes, oranges and ingredients for porridge.

Ramula church

Our message to them was the same, how we need to be walking this earth uprightly, demonstrating that Holy Righteous Character of our Father.

In Kenya one hears little to no world news, so it is important to enlighten and encourage our impoverished brethren, how the suffering is soon to end at Christ's return.  And this brings us back to what we were saying earlier

Brethren, tarrying time is over, what needs to be on top of our "to-do-list" is summed up in one word "conquer".  Matters not which church we are in because "all" seven churches have the same requirement, to be promoted and fulfill our High Calling, one has to overcome.

If we are still lacking in that area, we better wake up while there's still time to achieve.  We know God is no respect of persons.  Soon His church will be standing in front of Him up on the Sea Of Glass. But not everyone will be there, and scripture clearly shows us who will, and who will not.  The qualifications are summed up in one word in Revelation 15:2 the six words "them that had gotten the victory" come from only one Greek word "conqueror" overcomes, prevailed, victory.  Only the conquerors will be standing there.  And sooner then we may realize.  Notice verse 1 gives us the time frame. His church will be standing up there while the Beast power is still in control down on this earth.  And the way this world is going, that Beast Power is soon to show his face.

For us in God's church who have such a High Calling, let us not be lured to sleep thinking everything is okay.  Our calling needs to be kept on the front burner of our lives, and all the more as we see the day approaching, we need to overcome the ways of this world. Neither Our Father, nor His Son will dwell with sin.  And we need to continue practicing that pure religion of James 1:27.

Concerning the construction of the new dormitory.  We did reach out for financial help to one of the larger churches of God organization.  And they are considering our request.  We are still waiting their reply.

So let me end here by saying thank you once again to you donors. It is a real pleasure working together with you. Much is being accomplished, and the pain of many of our brethren is being eased thanks to you.

Donation receipts will be going out soon.

Your brother in Christ
Bill Goff

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