June 2019
June 2, 2019

Greetings Brethren,

I feel compelled to send out this letter of request, but PLEASE understand once again that this request is NOT for those few of you who have been continually assisting our impoverished Brethren. This letter is for those who are not aware of the cry for help that is coming from some of our brethren who are severely suffering.

We have been assisting many of our brethren (especially some "true" widows and orphans.) for sometime now, trying to ease their pain. But currently our funds have been depleted from some higher than normal requests for assistance that have surfaced recently.

Let me mention here the current situation.  One of our church orphans is a 12 year old boy named Francis, who has been living at Sengera House for a few years now. Francis notified me the other day requesting help for his younger 9 year old brother who has been living with their Grandmother ever since their parents died. Francis told me his brother was taken to hospital, but needed some funds for treatment (Kenyan hospitals will not treat unless funds are paid first.) we had to decline helping because our funds were completely dry. (Even today the orphans at Sengera House had no lunch due to recent lack of funds.)

Sad to say, I received word this morning that the young boy died.

This picture was taken few days ago.

It is very difficult for me to ask for help. Some say I'm continually asking. But Brethren, please understand these people we are trying to get help for are genuine Brethren. Even the widows that we have been assisting are "true" widows. We are very careful where we disperse funds.  Brethren, we don't need a truck load of funds. And again, we are not asking those who have been supporting to give more (some of whom have already gone above and beyond in their giving.) we are asking for a few others to join hands with us to assist our Brethren who are suffering, and crying for help.

Especially now when we are a bit overwhelmed with need. The Kenya Government has passed a new law that every citizen needs to be registered. Cost is approximately $25 for each person. Not a lot of money until you multiply it by the 25 at Sengera House, that totals $625.00. And the orphanage car is currently inoperative, and in need of a $185.00  repair. The boys house is also in need of replacement, the current structure was made out of mud, and is showing signs of collapse.

As I already mentioned, we don't need a ton of money. If only a few others would chip in, we could move forward, and even ease the suffering of more of our Brethren. So we are asking to try and get some circulation to this letter. And please pray to our Heavenly Father concerning this matter. And if you can assist, no matter how small, please do so.

For those who don't know me, my name is William Goff (Bill). My wife Marie and I came into God's church and were baptized in 1984.  In 2005 we traveled to Kenya to check on some of our impoverished brethren  living there, and found many of them to be suffering horrendously.  Upon returning to the States, we started a non-profit called "Kenya Hands of Hope" (KHofH) to try and muster some help for our fellow Brethren who are living in poverty. You can check our Website to see that we are legitimate. Our "Update Page" documents what we have been doing (and where the donated funds have been going) for quite a number of years now.

(If you have questions, please don't hesitate to ask, anytime night or day.)
Our fellow Brethren need our help.

Phone #: 843-447-0140
Update Page:
Mailing address:

Kenya Hands of Hope
5525 Springs Ave
Myrtle Beach, SC 29577

Your brother in Christ
Bill Goff

June 1, 20199
Scripture says if you don't work, you don't eat!

Greetings Brethren,

What a beautiful sight, to see the Sengera House Orphans hard at work in the garden. These children you donors are supporting are wonderful. This picture was taken after school on Wednesday May 29th. When asked if they could work a bit in the garden, there was no hesitation and no complaints, they got right to it (without even having a snack to satisfy their empty bellies.) They are growing cabbage, maze, (corn) beans, kales, squash, melons and more.

It's hard for us to comprehend how poor our brethren are living in these 3rd world countries. Even the local school our children attend has discontinued their lunch program because they have no food to cook. The children are sent home to eat lunch, and we do our best to feed them something (usually rice and or potatoes.) but we rarely have anything for them to snack on after school. They usually have to wait for supper. Please understand we are not complaining here, just wanting you donors to know that the funds you are sending are very much appreciated, and we continue to pray to be good stewards, using every donation as efficiently as possible. Believe me, there is no extravagant spending or living here. And Our Heavenly Father continues to stretch the funds that are received. But there are few donors, that is why we continue to try to make others aware of the situation.

It's been a busy Month of May. We were finally able to plaster the inside of the Ogembo widow's house. You supporters of Kenya Hands of Hope (khofh) built Margaret (a young church widow) a house to live in with her 4 young children two years ago after her husband died. But we were unable to plaster the walls until this past week. She is very grateful to those of you who have assisted her and the children. As soon as funds permit, we will complete plastering the outside of the house.

Also, MATARA (the 92 year old man caring 5 orphans) sends his heartfelt appreciation. He is so appreciative to khofh that all five orphans are in school, wearing uniforms and school shoes. And to have a toilet and place to shower (which khofh also funded) is very much appreciated. We are also introducing Matara's orphans to the "Youth Bible Lessons." Previously MATARA was associated with the Seventh Day Adventist Church (SDA) but our Heavenly Father continues to open "eyes" and "ears" and call others into His flock of believers. What an exciting time to see brethren with that zeal of their "First Love" having their minds opened to Biblical Truths. Yes, the "Great Supper" that our Father has prepared for us is "ready" brethren, but sad to say, some have asked to be excused from their "High Calling" yearning more for the cares of this "dying" world. Let us not waver from our calling, the promises made to us are "sure" and "soon" to be delivered.

Nehemiah at the Cyber Shop printing "Youth Bible Lessons."

Thanks to you donors, khofh was also able to continue assisting some of our brethren who were evicted from their homes and property due to the Mau Forrest evacuation. As many of you know, this was a very trying time for our brethren who were chased off of their property and forced to flee for their lives, leaving their few possessions behind. They took shelter in the woods, and even buried some of their children there who died from exposure to the elements. Many of those brethren are still suffering. Benjamin Bet and his family have been going without food for some time, but thanks to some brethren's compassionate hearts, they have been assisted.

Benjamin, his wife Brendah, Tito, Dominic, and Denis.
Receiving some food relief in their time of need.

We were also able to visit our brethren living in one of the slums just outside Nairobi. Those brethren really have it rough. Our message to them on Sabbath of 5/18/2019 was full of hope, reminding them that our Lord and Savior is aware of their current suffering, and will soon return with a reward to give every man according to their works.

Inside the hall where our brethren meet was clean and neat, but outside was in shambles with filth and open sewers. How sad for anyone to have to live in a place like this.

One can contract a deadly disease here just from breathing the air.

Let me end by thanking, and asking for your continued prayers for us to be good stewards, for us to do everything according to Our Heavenly Father's will. And please continue praying for our safety. Haron (the orphanage overseer) was once again arrested and spent a night sleeping in a cell on a dirty concrete floor with not even a blanket. Fortunately he was released the following day. And walking through that slum, I was retained by two men demanding money to satisfy their empty bellies. I was able to break loose from them unharmed. Praise God for His protection. And most of all, let us pray "Thy Kingdom Come" because many are suffering all around this world, some horrendously.

Your brother in Christ
Bill Goff

This is what the widows house looked like before the plastering,
letting in much cold air during the night.

Inside is looking great now.

And this is what the outside still looks like

The children hard at work in the garden.

Ian and Ibu sitting in the store room at the orphanage

This picture was taken just down the street from the orphanage
Famine continues to touch every corner of Kenya

Visiting a church group in Migori

Printing more of the Bible correspondence courses

The muddy roads are treacherous to drive on
But there are always people around to help you out of the ditch

MATARA and 3 of his orphans
The other 2 girls were sick in bed
May 2019
May 12, 2019

From: William Patrick Goff <>
Date: 12 May 2019 at 8:59:50 PM EAT
Subject: 2019 Spring Feast

Greetings dear Brethren and loving friends in Christ Jesus,

It another warm moment here little rain and little sun, hereby like to pass my appreciation on behalf of E. Africa Brethren. We are much thankful for your support for the Passover and Unleavened Bread Feast. This year we had Feast in various parts of Kenya and neighboring Country Tanzania.

In Kenya we had feast sites in:  Kisii county in sengera, Ikoba, and border. In Sengera we took bread and wine. Kept night much observed with 300 brethren including children. we had a very nice feast with much remembrance of passion which our Savior and Lord underwent. We were blessed with Sengera orphanage choir singing "Anakuja" (means: "He is Coming") with other good and memorable songs.

Also from ikoba and border they had a wonderful and touching feast for being together for whole week sharing touching and uplifting teaching as God's family. The session was of great importance to the church there for tackling various topics which they didnít know. Also passed thanks to you for helping them physically to get food for the whole week. Also for getting them bread and wine for the Passover.

We also had Bomet county Passover and Unleavened Bread in three sites: Merigi, Kembu and Longisa. All three sites had successful feast session, with teaching in seven day. The brethren send thanks to Kenya Hands of Hope to you friends and donor for helping with food thought the week and wine and bread for the Passover. The total number of brethren kept feast there where 378 brethren

Narok county we had brethren from transmara sub county in Emurwa Dregee , Kiango, Ngoberi, Musonic and Mlot. The  groupís had 500 brethren total at sites. They were much thankful for bread and wine for Passover, and with food throughout the week

Also we had Nyakachi group which was with 31 members also were much appreciative of the help for Passover and Unleavened Bread Feast

Brother Deus from Tanzania also held nice feast days, and he appreciated and thanked Kenya Hands of Hope. 70 brethren kept feast there in Tanzania

Also at coast we had two sites for Elijah Muthie and Sammy also they thanked KHOH for financial assistance towards feast.

Total number attending feast were  approximately 1,400.  Taking this opportunity to thank you donors of KHofH for all the assistance towards the various feast site. Without your help we would not have been able to have such a wonderful and successful feast, where all were able to eat not only physically (which was a wonderful blessing) but all also enjoy all the spiritual food, and wonderful time of being together with others of God's family. May our Lord bless all of you for helping us.

Haron Mokoro

May 4, 2019
Greetings Brethren,

Greetings from Kenya, I am happy to report the Passover and Feast of Unleavened Bread went well here in E. Africa. The Brethren thank all of you who assisted them. (A full report with pictures will be posted as soon as it is completed.)

April was a very busy Month here in Kenya, much has been accomplished. All 20 children living at Sengera House are now back in school. Second term began Monday April 29th. Thanks to the donors of Kenya Hands of Hope (KHofH) we were able to pay school fees for the fifteen attending primary school, and the four in High School.

We were also able to assist the five orphans living under the care of MATARA. (MATARA is the 92 year old man who has been caring five orphans.) Taking care of them has been a struggle for MATARA, he was unable to pay their school fees. But KHofH (thanks to you donors) was able to step in and pay their tuition and also purchase their required school uniforms. All five of the children are "total" orphans, and if it wasn't for MATARA and all of you donors who possess the same compassionate hearts, these orphans would be suffering severely. (Praise our Father for the proper care they are now receiving!)

MATARA was also in need of a toilet, the original one had collapsed a long time ago. He had already begun digging a new one, but was unable to complete, so we stepped in and assisted. Helping these orphans was the right thing to do, but I was a bit concerned funding the construction, considering the elderly man's age. We want to be sure these orphans will not be pushed off the property if something happens to Him. So for only a few funds we drew up a legal document with the local Village Chief insuring stability of the children. The oldest boy "Wako" will now be legally in control of the property, and the children will be able to continue living there if anything happens to MATARA.

Matara now has separate toilet for boys & girls & shower stall.

We are also in the process of incorporating youth Bible lessons into these orphans lives as we do at Sengera House. Preaching and teaching the correct Gospel to them is of utmost importance. In Kenya, the schools do teach bible class, but mainstream Christianity is taught, so weekly bible study and youth bible lessons are necessary. After all, we are part of the true church of God, which is the pillar and ground of "The Truth." We ask all of you who are working together with us to continue praying that "All" that we do is in accordance with our Heavenly Father, and that we do "good works" that are pleasing to Him, and will glorify Him.

We have also been working at the orphanage.  The boys poured a slab of concrete in front of the office.  These children are such hard workers. I'm really proud of all of them.

Matara now has separate toilet for boys & girls & shower stall.

Ibu also continues to learn the welding trade. As you know our goal is to teach all of the children some type of trade so they can become self supportive after they finish their schooling.

Ibu (Brian) working hard at the welding shop learning the trade.

We have also been contacted by another cog group (this one from Canada) requesting information on a church organization here in Kenya who they have been supporting.  We will travel there next week to verify their legitimacy.  The more we work together, the more efficiently the work of preaching the Gospel will move forward. Kenya is full of cons who trick churches of God in the States and other prosperous countries into supporting them, but use the funds only for self gain.

One more note before I end this update. We are in need of prayers and suggestions concerning the funding of a new boys dormitory at the Sengera House Orphanage. The current building housing the boys is only a temporary building made mostly of mud, and showing signs of future collapse. We began a fundraiser on "Gofundme" because the proposed cost of a new permanent structure is quite costly. (You can see the details on our Website Home Page) please pray for our Heavenly Father to show us the correct way forward concerning this matter.

Your brother in Christ

Bill Goff

April 2019
April 11 2019
Greetings Brethren,

Hope all of you are well, as you prepare for the upcoming Passover and Feast of Unleavened Bread.  We here in E. Africa are also trying to prepare for the upcoming Feast, but are struggling to do so.  There will be a total of ten sites keeping this years Spring Feast here in Kenya and Tanzania, with just over 700 in attendance.

Not many realize how many cog brethren there are in this part of the world.  In the 1950's the Radio cog under the leadership of Mr. Herbert W Armstrong was broadcasting the Gospel form Radio Luxembourg.  A man by the name of Joash living in Tanzania was receiving that broadcast and connected with The church, and the church began to take hold.  Even today there are brethren among us here who came into the church during RCOG.

I have been visiting this area since 2005, and in 2006 began a nonprofit organization called "Kenya Hands of Hope" to try and raise funds to assist our impoverished brethren, most of whom are peasant farmers.  When it rains and they have a good harvest they eat, but when there is drought or flooding there is famine and our brethren literally starve.  Currently there is famine touching many of our brethren here.  Even last week we had an eight Month old baby in one of the remote church groups die from starvation.  The mother was Breast feeding but had very little food to eat.  Sad to say, I received word yesterday that the Mom has now also died from starvation.

We are doing our best to assist these suffering brethren, but the need is great.  If only others in the cog were made aware of the dire situation, I'm sure others would help, but spreading the word is quite difficult.  The hierarchy in many of the church groups stop us at the door and will not allow their brethren to be made aware of our impoverished brethren's cry for help.  Many who are suffering are true widows and orphans.  One church leader of one of the larger cog organizations told me that even though they had tens of thousands of funds available, they would not help because they like to care for their own brethren (State side) before assisting any brethren abroad.   Another high ranking minister told me that they will not assist any brethren in Africa because preaching the Gospel is a business, and they tried Africa but got no return.  Brethren, these statements I'm making might sound unbelievable, but they are God honest truth. It was also recently stated on one cog organization's "newsletter" that "Kenya Hands of Hope" is a "worldly" organization.  That statement is untrue, and will prevent some from assisting their suffering brethren.

Now, on top of trying to assist our brethren living in famine, we are also looking to assist them in preparing for the upcoming Feast.  If you could possible help, that would be great.  And if you can spread the word that our impoverished brethren are crying out for help, they will appreciate it very much.

For those questioning our legitimacy, please scrawl down on this "update page" it documents years of what we have been doing and where the funds received have been going.  It also contains links to statements and letters previously made by members of God's church who know us.

Your brother in Christ

Bill Goff

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