March 2019
March 23 2019

Voice In The Wilderness COG
Kenya Hands of Hope
March 23 2019

Greetings Brethren,

Hope all of you are well both physically and more importantly spiritually, as we patiently await the return of our Lord, and the “Midnight Cry” of Matthew 25 announcing His coming. When we take into consideration the condition of this present evil age, and see all the “end time signs” that continue to alert us on a daily basis (like the parable of the of the fig tree, and its tender branches and sprouting of leaves) we can only conclude that He (our Lord) is “at the doors” and ready to begin His return.  Hopefully we are also ready, and prepared to meet Him.  The sooner He comes, the better, because there are so many suffering around this world, some horrendously. Even now in Kenya, drought is affecting over 4 million people with 200,000 facing starvation. We have a couple of church families living in those famine areas. We hope to assist them the best we can, if we have funds to do so.

I am happy to inform you that the children at the church orphanage (Sengera House) are doing well. All nineteen are still in school, and Brian “Ibu” is still quite busy at trade school learning to weld.  The first term is soon to end, and then all will be home for the Month of April, including Manley who is away boarding at Itierio Boys High School. This will work out good, because they will be home for the spring Feast. Our Kenyan Brethren keep the entire seven day Feast of Unleavened Bread.  Let me also mention here that a number of the remote Church of God groups have been requesting assistance to prepare for the upcoming Passover and Days of Unleavened Bread.  We also hope to assist them the best we can, again, if we have funds to do so.

All are present in this photo, except for Manley who is away at boarding school.

As you can see from the above picture, the children are all quite happy, and in good spirits; quite a difference from when they first arrived! The atmosphere at the orphanage is a good one; all of the children get along with one another quite well. Nehemiah, one of the oldest, does a fantastic job of helping out Haron the overseer of the camp. Nehemiah even conducts Friday night Bible study. Some of these boys, even David, often accompany me when visiting the many groups, and do the translating for those brethren who do not know English. These boys are well acquainted with the Scriptures, and know the plan of our Heavenly Father, concerning both His First Fruits, and the rest of mankind. So it’s quite easy for them to put my words into their native tongue of the different groups we visit.

I would also like to mention here that we have begun another fund raiser on “GoFundMe”.  This is to raise funds for the boy’s new dormitory we are planning to build. As mentioned in our last Update, the current house the boys are living in is a temporary structure, built out of mud, and showing signs of collapse. The new building will be constructed of brick and will have two floors which will not only relieve the current cramping condition, but will also allow us to take on other Church of God orphans who are currently suffering. I started this fund raiser on “GoFundMe” because the needed funds are quite a substantial amount. If more brethren were aware of the situation, I’m sure some would help. But frankly, very few of the brethren in the Church of God groups are aware of our impoverished brethren’s cry for help, because the “hierarchy” in those organizations (The very thing that Christ hates) have blocked them at the door. The children will also need “school fees” when the second term commences in May.

I have also included the “GoFundMe” link at the bottom of this letter.

We have also composed a letter requesting assistance in trying to make other members of the Churches of God aware of the cry for help that is being made. If you could possible give this letter some circulation, or point to our webpage, it would be much appreciated by our suffering brethren.

The letter is included on the following page.

Voice In The Wilderness COG
Kenya Hands of Hope
5525 Springs Avenue
Myrtle Beach, SC 29577


Greetings Brethren,

Hope all is well with you, as we patiently await the return of our Lord and Savior. We have been posting updates on our Website, but wanted to send out this short letter to let you know the church orphanage is currently struggling a bit. As you may know, we now have 20 church orphans that we are caring for in Sengera, Kenya. We call the church orphanage “Sengera House”. All of the children are in school, all are clothed, and we are feeding them the best that we can.  We have not been doing anything extravagant at the orphanage. On the contrary, in fact we often have to ration the food. We really need some additional donors to join hands with us in helping our impoverished brethren, some are really suffering  So we are sending out this letter of request, hoping to get some exposure concerning the orphanage, and that there are impoverished Church of God brethren who are crying out for help, especially widows and orphans.

Our request is:

1. Please join us in prayer to our Heavenly Father, Thanking Him for the help we have been able to give these precious children. And thank Him for the loving and compassionate donors who have been making the above possible. And let us ask Him to connect and unite more brethren to work together in unity for this worthy cause.

2. Some of our donors are limited means themselves, so we are NOT asking them for more financial help. And this letter is not for the few steady donors (some of them are already giving above and beyond.)   This letter is to try and make others members of the Church of God aware that we have true church orphans and true widows who desperately need help, and that we are not "cons” but legitimate.

Some say they will not help because Africa has many cons, who pocket the funds for self-gain. And that is quite true. But please understand, there are true brethren out there who have been crying out for help for a long time, and we have been doing our best to assist them. To check out our legitimacy, our Website has an "Update" page where you can see what we have been doing with the funds donated. That update page goes back covering quite a number of years.

There is also a long time member of God's church from Texas whose name is Bonnie Bell. Bonnie visited our brethren in Kenyan, and was deeply move by what she saw.  Upon returning home to the United States, she wrote a touching letter addressed to all the members of God's Church, but very few have ever read it. It's titled: An open letter to the brethren in all branches of the Church of God . (The link is also at the bottom of this letter).  If you do some checking on us, you will see that we are legitimate and serving these brethren as reported.

3. If you are financially stable and can possibly help, it will be very much appreciated.

We thank you from the bottom of our heart.

In Christian Love.

bill Goff

Bonnie Bell's letter is at:

The "Update Page" link is:

The “Boys dormitory Fundraiser link is:

Our mailing address (If you want to help with a check) is:

Kenya Hands of Hope
5525 Springs Ave
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We also have PayPal link on our support page:

If you want more information, please don't hesitate to call ANYTIME night or day: 843-447-0140

My name is Bill Goff

My E-mail is:
March 1, 2019

The Gospel continues to move forward here in Kenya. John Omweno and Charles Mokoro have been visiting new groups. In Nyabigege, Kenya (just outside of Rongo) besides bringing teachings last Sabbath, Charles also brought them some Bibles to add to the ones I distributed a few Months ago. A lady who supports Bible distribution came across one of our YouTube videos showing the group in Magunga needing Bibles, so she sent a donation to purchase some. We shared them between the two groups.

This week Charles was also able to bring Nyabigege 25K of rice. This was a real treat because most of the brethren ration their food and usually can only afford to eat their “staple” called Ugali, a type of cornmeal porridge. So having some rice, and being able to eat together was a real blessing.

Charles Mokoro headed to Nyabigege, about a three hour bike ride one way.

The schools in Kenya were closed for one week during the middle of the first term. The children at our church orphanage in Sengera, spent much of their time working in the garden. They are all doing well; even Manley returned home from boarding school and was very happy to reunite with everyone.  On 25th of February everyone returned to school. Their next break will be at the end of the 1st term in April when school will be closed for the entire Month. This will work out good, allowing the children to be home for Passover week.

Now I would like to mention something else, it concerns the boy’s house. As I reported in our previous update, the house they are currently living in was constructed of mud, which is a temporary building. It is not only showing signs of future collapse, but is also insufficient to adequately house the ten boys.  Our hope is to construct a new two story brick building that will also be roomy enough to take on some additional church orphans who are currently suffering and in need of help. Below is a drawing of the proposed structure:

Fundraiser for new boys dormitory  PLEASE HELP!!

I hope we all realize the importance of caring for these orphans. They are members of the House Hold of Faith, and they have all suffered tremendously, especially after their parents died. Life in this 3rd world country is rough for all of our brethren. But for orphans, without having parents to care for them, they really suffered.  As mentioned often times before, these children came to us at different times, but in the same condition, with skin and bone little bodies. They were literally starving (extremely malnourished) wearing only the worn out clothes on their back, and out of school.  The various churches of God where they were previously living were doing their best trying to care for them after their parents died. But providing for others, when you are living in poverty and already rationing the little food you have, is extremely difficult.

Very few in God's church comprehend how our impoverished brethren live, and how they suffer. I am well aware, because I’ve had my feet on the ground in Kenya/Tanzania since 2005. Life in E. Africa is rough to say the least. What saddens me the most is how so many brethren here in the USA and other prosperous countries are not made aware of the cries for help made by our impoverished brethren. Why? Because many of the leaders here will not allow their cries to be heard, their cries for Help are more often than not, quenched due to certain men who have crept in during these end times in which we are living. In the Apostle John’s time there was only “one” Diotrephes in the church, but today there are many. 3 John 1:9-10.

The cog is scattered these days, and many are being led astray by men who have their own agendas, but those with the Spirit of God leading them, those with the right attitude are becoming more and more united and working together in unity. Why? Because some are not allowing men and their own agendas to divide them. We may be of different administrations, and a diversity of operations, but that’s okay because our Lord organized it that way. I ask, if of the same Lord, if of the same spirit, if baptized into the same body, why are we allowing men to divide us? We need to be working together in unity. Look at all the disunity that men have created, and how it has hindered the work of the church, not to mention the money that could have went to better use. One “separate” cog organization recently bought a personal jet for its leader for hundreds of thousands of dollars (not to mention Monthly maintenance fees) Another “separate” cog organization just spent $1,000,000 on their production equipment (Production equipment is important, but how many separate systems does the churches of God possess, and how many less would be needed if we were working together?) How sad, especially when so much more could be accomplished by working together, and so many of our suffering brethren including true widows and orphans could be helped if we were working together in unity..

Brethren, we know how to distinguish between true disciples of Christ and false ones, the Scriptures are quite clear on that. One only needs to look at their fruits, and check to see if they possess that “Agape” Love which comes from our Heavenly Father. And we also need to remember the important instruction that our Elder Brother told the Apostle John concerning who to shun and who to accept (and it has absolutely nothing to do with incorporated church group names) Mark 9:38-40. Let us also realize that men may have the church divided into hundreds of separate groups. But in God’s eyes there are only two groups. Yes, two groups: the “wise” and the “foolish” the “sheep” and the “goats” Which group we belong to is our own choice. But we better choose wisely, because according to the Word of God, only the sheep will be entering the Kingdom of God, goats will be rejected.

We are currently getting estimates, and looking for a reputable builder. Part of the construction will be aided by some of the children. As you know, the boys have had much “hands on” experience in numerous trades, including painting which the new house will need. We also have two sewing machines which the girls (and some of the boys) have been learning to use. This will come in handy in the making of window treatments etc. Soon we will start a fundraiser on “Go Fund Me” to begin raising funds for this important project. If you know of others who may be interested in helping, please inform them of the need and of our suffering brethren’s cry for help. We, as members of the Body of Christ, the church, have a commission to preach the Gospel to the world, and to feed the flock which is amongst us. But let us not forget that Pure and undefiled religion before God, is to visit the fatherless, and the widows in their afflictions, and to keep oneself unspotted from the world. James 1:27. Brethren, there are many orphans, and many “true” widows in God’s church who need our help.

Thanks to some donors who have been working together, there is much being accomplished in E. Africa. We were also contacted by another cog group (this one from Australia) asking our help in identifying the legitimacy of some “church” leaders who were soliciting funds from them. We knew the men in question, and were able to inform that they were not legitimate, and had been conning numerous cog groups over the past few years. Being our feet are on the ground in E. Africa, we have been able to expose many cons over the years, saving thousands of dollars that would have went to cons. But some are probably still being coned, from not working together in unity which would help expose them.

Bibles in the Kisii tongue, for distribution.
A lady who supports Bible distribution came across one of our YouTube videos showing the group in Magunga needing Bibles, so she sent $100 to purchase some.
February 2019
February 5, 2019

The orphans at "Sengera House Orphanage" in Kenya want to say thank you to those whom have been supporting them. These church orphans came to us from various cog groups around Kenya. They arrive at different times, but in the same "heart wrenching" condition: skin & bone hungry (starving actually) wearing only the worn out clothes on their back, and out of school. Now, thanks to some companionate donors, they are well fed, clothed, and All are in school.

Dressed for school

Many of us here is America and other prosperous countries, don't comprehend the suffering that many (if not most) of our impoverished brethren around the world endure on a daily basis.

We first traveled to Kenya/Tanzenia back in 2005, after hearing rumors that there were brethren who were suffering, and in need of help. Upon our first visit, found conditions to be much worse than what was rumored. Most were former members of the WWCOG (some even go back to the Radio COG) but all were suffering, and lacking in some of the most basic and important items like bibles and mosquito nets. Malaria plagued members of every family, (including children) because they couldn't afford the $4 mosquito nets. (A full report can be found at: )

We started a non-profit back in 2007 called: "Kenya Hands of Hope" and have been busy trying to help our impoverished brethren (especially the true widows and orphans) ever since. Thanks to our loving Heavenly Father, some of our impoverished brethren's suffering has been eased.

At the orphanage much progress continues to be made. There are a total of 20 children living here now (10 boys & 10 girls.) Sixteen are in grammar school, three in High School, and one in trade school. The orphanage also serves as the main site for congregating on God's Holy Days, including Feast of Tabernacles, and Feast of Unleavened Bread which our Kenyan Brethren celebrate for the entire seven days of that spring festival. Last years FOT was attended by 350 at the Sengera site alone.

Manley (age 14 pictured below) is in his first year of High School. He is currently boarding at "Itierio High School" near Kisii, Kenya.  His goal is to become a surgeon. Itierio is ranked the best school academically in the entire region.

After his 1st Month of school, they had visiting day.

Haron (the overseer at the orphanage) visited Manley along with Manley's sister Jemima. Both children have been with us ever since their parents died just over a year ago.

Our next project at the orphanage, is to construct a new dormitory to  house the boys. The house they are currently in was constructed of mud, which is a temporary building. It is not only showing signs of future collapse, but is also insufficient to adequately house the ten boys.  Our hope is to construct a new two story brick building that will also be sufficient to take on some additional church orphans who are currently suffering, and in need of help.

As always, your prayers are much appreciated. Let us pray for us to be good stewards, moving forward according to God's will, and doing things that are pleasing in His sight. We always like to remember Romans 8:28 where we are told that "All" things (not a few things, not most things or many things) but "All" things work 

together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose. And loving God is a matter of keeping His Commandments. So let us strive to live by every word that proceedeth out of His mouth.

bill Goff

January 2019
January 19, 2019

Greetings Brethren, hope all of you are doing well both physically and more importantly, spiritually, as we patiently await the return of our Lord and Savior.

I am happy to inform you that we have taken on another orphan here at Sengera House. Her name is Veroscovia Kemunto age 15. She comes to us from the remote church of God group in Ikoba, Kenya. The congregation there has been requesting us to take her for the past couple of Months, because she has been suffering ever since her parent's died. But we could not take on any more orphans at this time. Last week we received word that she was nearing death (had gone a week without eating) so we immediately arranged for her transport. She is now living here at Sengera House, and doing much better. The children have welcomed her with open arm, they all know quite well what it's like to suffer and starve, they were in same situation before we took them in. Hoping to put Veroscovia in school (second year of High School) soon as we can afford to do so.

We have also completed the construction of the small office that the Kenya Government requires us to have. All the work was accomplished by the orphans themselves. They sure have been getting plenty of "hands on" experience in many fields of construction. This will help enable them to eventually become self supportive after completing their schooling.

The office is 8' X 12' located by the front gate.

Also want to inform you that the orphan Manley (who's dream is to become a surgeon) is well on his way. After completing elementary school with good grades, the Kenya Government has placed him in a prominent High School in Kisii, Kenya. Thanks to you donors, Haron and I were able to purchase all the required items for boarding, pay his 1st term school fees, and enroll him in that boarding school last week. Manley thanks those who have been assisting him, he appreciates your love for him very much.

Manley arriving at Itierio Boys High School Kisii

Concerning brother Isaiah who was shot while being forced off his land, is still being hospitalized. Some of the Mau Evacuation brethren migrated to Bomet, including Benjamin Bet and his family. They are doing okay, and send their greetings. Was able to visit them on Thursday. They are renting a small two room structure, and making their own charcoal out of cow dung for cooking.

Benjamin Bet and his family.

After being forced off their land they lived in the woods and on the streets of Narok for some time before getting into this two room structure. They are so happy now to have their own place, and with a toilet. Water is fetched at a stream two kilometers away. Thanks to you donors, we were able to help them with some supplies and also some second hand coats which the children are wearing.

Friday night January 18th Bible Study given by Nehemiah.

Thanks to you donors, the children are treated to a soda every Friday night after Bible study.

May our Almighty Father bless each and every one of you donors for caring for these precious children.

Your brother in Christ.
bill Goff

January 1, 2019

Greetings from Kenya, hope all of you are doing well?

2018 has been a busy and productive year here in Kenya. Much has been accomplished at the "Sengera House" orphanage. We now have a total of nineteen orphans (nine girls and ten boys.)  school will begin on January 3rd. Sixteen will be returning to grammar school, and three to High School. (There are also additional church orphans from two remote church groups who are suffering severely, but we don't have the funds available at this time to assist them.)

During school vacation we have continued with "hands on" training with the Sengera orphans. They are learning much, including painting, carpentry, masonry and more. Just this past week we have been constructing another building which will serve as an office. All of the construction from start to finish is being accomplished by the orphans. This has not only been quite cost effective, only having to purchase materials, but has also given them more experience in these fields.

They don't have ladders here in Kenya,
so we made our own tripod in order to reach high.

Life here in this 3rd world country continues to be rough for many of our brethren. I received the following report from Narok congregation. Titoa (the overseer there) reports the following:

"Greetings elder Bill and church there, here we are on serious problem, all building we made after Mau eviction all burned down by police. still we are in a great problem brother, many are sick others death. we need any help to push life. Especially see mercy on children who are suffering right away.'

One of the brethren was shot in the head.  He was taken to the hospital and has survived.  The congregation is requesting assistance in paying his hospital bill, but we do not have funds to assist.  Although we did send the brethren some funds for food.  They are now hoping to migrate to Bomet, Kenya to flee the persecution.

The Gospel also continues to spread here in Kenya.  We spent two Sabbaths in Nyabigege, Kenya where our message was well received, and additional visits are requested.  This Sabbath Charles Mokoro held an open meeting near the Maasai border.   The message was well received there also.

As you can see in the picture above, many who attended the open meeting were young. Over half of Kenya's population are children under the age of 18. The following is reported by UNICEF:

"Kenya is a nation of children and youth, with more than half the estimated population of 36 million under the age of 18 years. An estimated 6 million children require special care and protection of which approximately 2.4 million children are orphans."

I will be returning to the States in approximately two weeks, my focus then will be to try and make other members of God's church aware of the suffering that our impoverished brethren endure here. (If you have a group that is interested is learning more about the  work we are  involved in, please let me know. I'm willing to visit your group to give a slide presentation that will better show the conditions here.)

I apologize for consistently asking for assistance, but It is hard for us American's to comprehend the living conditions that these faithful members of the Household of God are enduring.  Many of our brethren live their lives in survival mode. It's a struggle just to have water. Can you imagine having to walk long distances to find and fetch water (every drop that you will need for cooking, washing and drinking?) And then after lugging it home have to boil it before use because it is highly contaminated.

Now the orphans living at Sengera House are doing well.  Thanks to those who are regularly supporting, they are well fed, clothed and hopefully soon back in school once we raise the little additional school fees still needed. And we are doing our best assisting a number of widows in various church groups scattered around Kenya. But there are additional true widows in need,  and additional orphans who are suffering. So we are hoping others who can afford to assist will join us. And most importantly, please pray for us to be good stewards, as we work together in unity, trying to do good works that will glorify our Heavenly Father.

And we thank you for your prayers for protection, Kenya can be a dangerous place.  After purchasing the metal roofing sheets for the office on Friday, we were stopped at a police check point. They attempted to place me under arrest for transporting the material in our private vehicle which is not registered as a "commercial". After much discussion, was finally released and free to go.

Your brother in Christ bill Goff

Videos can be found on our YouTube page at:  just click on  "YouTube channel".

Building a tripod to use as a ladder.

James learning to use power tools.

Sengera orphans eating breakfast in the newly painted cafeteria.

The children spend much time working in the garden.

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