April 2018
April 21, 2018

Greetings Brethren,

Let us praise our Heavenly Father for continuing to bless the work we are involved in. I am happy to inform you that the plastering of the new security wall at the Sengera House is moving along well, as you can see in the picture below. It is due to the generosity of you donors that this important work is being accomplished.

The new security wall at the Sengera House.

Schools in Kenya are closed for the Month of April for semester break, all the children are doing well. Pictured below is fifteen year old Manley (one of the orphans living at Sengera House) His hope is to become a surgeon. And he is well on his way, ranking in as number one in his class of forty-two. Manley and his sister Jimimah came to the orphanage just over one year ago after both of their parents died.

Manley standing in the store room of the orphanage,
holding his report card.

We continue to teach the children in many areas of construction and trades.

Timothy and David are running some additional lighting
from the kitchen into the cafeteria.

Thanks to you donors, we have been able to purchase numerous tools over the past couple of years for the boys to learn their proper use. They all love to work, and are very fortunate to be able to learn many various trades. We have been teaching them how to do carpentry, masonry, electrical, painting and more. Our goal is for each to become self-supportive by the time they finish their schooling.

We have also purchased a Singer sewing machine,
and are in the process of setting up the sewing room for the girls.
(The boys will also be taught how to sew.)

Last week we were contacted by a church group in Canada. They were asking if we had any information concerning a church organization in Bungoma, Kenya that they have been supporting the past few years. We offered to travel to Bungoma (located on the Uganda border) to investigate for them. Nehemiah and I traveled there on Thursday, and our trip was a success. We found the church group to be totally legitimate and caring for quite a number of orphans. Over the past few years we have investigated quite a number of "churches" here in Kenya that numerous churches of God in the States had been supporting financially. The majority of them turned out to be “cons.”

So, we thank our Heavenly Father for enabling us to work together and help one another whenever possible. We may be of different administrations, but there are no barriers between us because we are of the same mind and same spirit. And much can be accomplished when we work together in unity and strive for humility. Praise God for that!

This is also a busy day today, we are having combined Sabbath services here in Ikenye. There will also be a number of baptisms. (There are twenty being baptized, most are from the border group next to the Maasai tribe) We have been counseling with them for some time now.

Baptisms in Ikenye.

I also want to report on a sad situation that has taken one of our church families by surprise. The family of Benjamin Bett purchased a small property in the Great Rift Valley near Narok, Kenya a few years ago. They were approached by the Kenya police this past week and forced off of the property. Turns out they were scammed in the purchase, and the true owner had them evicted. We are trying to see how we can help, so please put them in your prayers.

Your brother in Christ.

bill Goff

April 7, 2018

Greetings Brethren,

Once again our Heavenly Father has blessed the work we are involved in here in E. Africa. Thanks to the love and support that you donors have given to these orphans, the Sengera House is now encompassed with a strong high security wall. This wall which the Kenya Government required us to erect, has added much security to the compound.

The Mason's have now completed their part of the project, and we have decided to complete the plastering of the wall ourselves. This will not only give the boys more "hands on" experience as we continue to teach them more trade skills, but will also allow some of the donated funds to be redirected. With the saved funds, we can now afford to purchase the long awaited sewing machine and sewing supplies which will be used to teach the girls sewing. (This has been a long awaited project.) one man sent in some funds for this project over a year ago, and now with the added funds (saved from the wall) we can accomplish. Once again we praise our Heavenly Father for your good works which are glorifying Him.

We have also raised the well cap and made it more secure.

Schools here in Kenya are now closed for semester break. The children will be home for one full Month. Nehemiah and Felix (the two boys who were boarding for their first year of High School) will be changing schools. They are now enrolled in a local High School and will not be boarding, but returning home each day after school. We made this decision due to the harsh condition that both boy were experiencing where they were previously boarding. Both boy lost much weight and were in frail condition after the three Months of being under fed at their previous boarding schools. One cannot learn to well when he starts his day with a cup of tea and three slices of bread. Anyway, the boys are both very grateful to all of you donors who have been assisting them.

We also want to inform you that thanks to your donations, we were able to assist numerous remote churches of God with Passover supplies. Without your help, many of the church groups here in this impoverished country would not have had wine to partake of during this solemn spring festival of Passover/Unleavened Bread.

Your brother in Christ.

bill Goff

March 2018
March 24, 2018

Greetings Brethren,

Let us praise our Heavenly Farther for continuing to bless the work we are involved in here in E. Africa. I am happy to inform you that the construction of the wall at the Sengera House Orphanage is moving along nicely. As you can see in the pictures below, much progress is being made. Although it has been raining every day in the past two weeks, the masons still feels they will complete by the end of March. The rain has been quite heavy, but only at night. Each day has been sunny, allowing for the work to continue. We purchased a roll of black plastic and have been covering at the end of each day to protect from the nighttime downpours.

We also visited Nehemiah and Felix at their High Schools. The situation has not changed there, both are going hungry everyday. Upon reaching Nehemiah, I offered him an energy bar, he eagerly accepted and ate three of them right down.

We visited Felix's school on Sabbath. As we entered the compound we could hear singing coming from the meeting hall on top of the hill. The students were in Sabbath services. We began walking, and approximately half way up the hill the side door of the hall flew open and Felix came running full speed down to meet us. He gave me the biggest bear hug I ever had, he was so happy to see us. As rough as these boys have it, neither complained, but both continue to thank you donors for providing for them to further their education. They very much appreciate your help.

Was also able to visit Brian (Ibu) this past week. He was having his first hands on lesson at welding. I meet him in the village where he was to be given his first instruction. Upon arriving the owner of the shop was just setting up his equipment. Then the instructor did something that was very shocking to me, he proceed to do a quick weld job on a motor bike. What was shocking was he began welding with his naked eyes. Yes, there was Brian's instructor right in front of us welding without any "dark" eye protecting glasses. This was appealing to me because over the years, when ever we are around welders (they often work right on the side of the road) the children are always anxious to watch, and I always teach them how looking at one welding with the naked eye, is like looking at the sun which will blind you. I immediately informed the shop owner that he would Not be teaching any of our boys how to weld, and put Brian on a motor bike and sent him back to his school. (I had a discussion with the school's head teacher the following day.) and also informed Brian that he needs to be careful with the instructions he is given.)

Nehemiah downing the energy bars we brought him.

While visiting Felix's school on Sabbath, was able to address the two hundred plus students with a message of encouragement

Your brother in Christ.

bill Goff

March 10, 2018

Greetings Brethren,

Let us once again praise our Heavenly Father and our Beloved Elder Brother, for the unwavering care and concern they continue to bestow upon us. And let us also thank Them for the Agape Love they have developed in each and every one of you who have been assisting and caring for these orphaned children of ours.

I am very happy to inform you, thanks to the quick response to the letter we sent out on March 2nd, concerning help needed at the “Sengera House Orphanage”.  As you know, we have been required to add to the existing security wall at the front of the compound. Thanks to you donors, not only have we been able to quickly begin the construction (which the authorities want finished by end of March) but are already close to having enough funds to complete it.

Once again, you donors have done more good works, and once again our Heavenly Father is being glorified. (We don’t have pictures of the current construction yet, because our only cell phone with a camera stopped working. But we will have pictures very soon, and will add them to this update.

I also want to report that both boys who are in High School (Nehemiah and Felix) and Brian (who is attending trade school) were all home for one week during midterm break. They are doing well. Brian is learning much at trade school, from electrical wiring to welding. As you know, one of our goals at the orphanage is to prepare each of the seventeen orphans to become self supportive when they are older and finish their schooling.

On my next round to Kenya, we hope to purchase a Singer sewing machine. We already have a room in the girl’s house set aside for that purpose. We also have a person who lives near the orphanage that is willing to freely teach them. This particular person is both deaf and dumb, but has been through sewing school.  All the children are also being taught sign language. This will not only help at communicating with the teacher as he teaches them how to sew, but will also make it possible for these children to help spread the Gospel, as they let their lights shine among men (including the deaf.) I learned from one of our donors, that Kenya has a large “deaf” population. This person publishes books, and has supplied us with literature concerning learning “sign”. What a blessing it will be for our children to be able to communicate with those in the world who are deaf.

We also have a report from Elijah (the overseer in Mombassa area.) He recently returned from making the rounds to visit four remote church groups scattered along the coast region of Kenya. His group in “Shimba Hills” also conducted a five day “open seminar” with approximately one hundred visitors in attendance on the first day. The ones who showed interest and remained, were given copies of Scriptural literature to carry home for further study.

Those attending the open seminar.

We also have a number of visit requests that have been forwarded to us from various cog groups here in the States. (Not all cog groups are controlled and forbidden by their “leaders” to associate with other members of God’s church)  We continue to work together with others of like mind, enabling much to be accomplished with the single leadership of our Elder Brother, and the guidance provided by the Father’s Spirit. I will be back in Kenya next week, and will schedule to visit these recent requests, then will report to the various groups what I find. This procedure has also repeatedly produced “good fruits” as we filter out those who are legitimate and searching for God’s Truth, and the many scammers, who continue to scam many of the larger controlling hierarchical cog’s,  whom some are assisting in the blind.

Let us not be confused by the many “men” who have their own agendas and false teachings. Those “men” have divided the church of God into hundreds of separate groups. (They won’t even allow brethren to communicate with one another. How sad.)  Let us remember the strict warnings from not only our Lord and Savior who said:  “take heed that no “man” deceive you, for many “men” will come and deceive many”. But also let us heed the warnings from Paul and Peter and Jude concerning deceiving “men” who are leading many astray.  The true members of God’s church may be scattered around this world, but they are “not” divided in mind and spirit. They are freely working together in unity, following the one and “only” Head of the church, our Lord and Savior who is alive and well.

“Men” have divided the church of God into hundreds of separated groups. But in God’s eyes there are only two groups out there: “The wise and the foolish” The “sheep and the goats” The “wheat and the tares”. “There is simplicity in Christ Jesus”.  Let us continue to work together in unity, striving for Scriptural truth, and striving for humility. Let us pray for humility, striving to become converted and to become as those little children who “will” enter into the Kingdom of God. And most of all, let us pray “Thy Kingdom Come” because many around this world are suffering, some horrendously.

Your brother in Christ.

bill Goff

*Pictures of the wall construction to be posted soon.

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Please help with our next project

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