February 2018
February 19, 2018
Greetings Brethren,

Let us praise our Heavenly Father and His beloved Son for calling us out of this untoward world and into their marvelous Truth. Let us also thank them for the protection they continually give us, as we continue to preach the Gospel to the world, and try our best to do good unto all men especially those of the household of faith.

Kenya can be a dangerous place, especially when riding in one of the many privately-owned taxi buses known as matatus, that ferry people around the city and suburbs of Kenya. We often take this means of transportation because it is much cheaper than hiring a taxi. But there is much danger involved because of the high speed of the driver, over loading of passengers, and lack of seat belts. Accidents are quite common. On Wednesday February 14th Haron (the administrator of the Sengera Orphanage) was traveling back from the city of Kisii when the matatu he was in crashed. There were 14 fatalities in that matatu, but Haron walked away unscathed. We thank our Heavenly Father for His protection, and we thank all of you who keep us in your prayers.

The Sengera Orphanage is doing well, as we continue to make progress with the improvements. Below is a picture of the newly constructed security wall along the road in front of the compound.

The local school has changed the color and pattern of their required uniforms. Pictured below are the children wearing the new ones.

Timothy in the yellow shirt and Enoch to his left are still waiting their new uniforms from the tailor. Hopefully soon we will be able to purchase our first sewing machine, and the girls are looking forward to learning how to sew.

We were finally allowed to visit Nehemiah. He has been boarding at a High School quite a distance from Kisii. I was quite concerned about Nehemiah's well being when I saw the picture Haron sent me after arriving to visit him. Nehemiah had lost a lot of weight due to lack of food. We come to find out that even though the students meals were included in their tuition, they only give them a cup of tea for breakfast, and probably a skimpy lunch and supper. We were able to give Nehemiah funds so he can purchase additional food. Pictured below is Nehemiah. Haron got him some food soon after arriving to visit.

Felix is also boarding, but at a different High School. Upon visiting we found his overall condition much better. Picture below was taken by Haron when visiting.

I have no current picture of Brian (Ibu) who is enrolled in a local trade school in Ogembo, but he is doing well, and has been coming home to the orphanage on weekends. All of these children owe their appreciation to those of you who have been donating to Kenya Hands of Hope. It is thanks to you that they are being well cared for. And your good works, are glorifying our Heavenly Father.

bill Goff
January 2018
January 29, 2018

Latest Update

Trouble At The Orphanage

Greetings Brethren,

Hope this letter finds you well, as we patiently await the return of our Lord and Savior, whom this world so desperately needs. We are having some trouble at the Sengera Orphanage. The police have arrested Haron (the overseer). They are complaining that we are not completing the improvements they required of us, fast enough. We still need to plaster the outside of the cafeteria, tile the girls bathroom, and erect a security wall along the front of the orphanage.

We have made much progress with their original demands; the store room is completed, the boys indoor and outdoor toilets and shower have been tiled. The cafeteria is completed inside so the children have been able to use it. But the work came to a stop because schools were opening, and we used the only remaining funds to pay their tuition.

Fortunately this time they released Haron temporally, although they are threatening to close the orphanage down if we don't complete these required improvements quickly. (Last time they jailed him for two day, and when he was released, had to be brought to hospital because he had been beaten by some of the inmates.)

Brethren, If you can spread the word that these church orphans need help, please do so. I have contacted numerous large churches of God recently, trying to get them to help assist,  but sad to say,  haven't received even one positive response. Please understand, I'm not requesting more help from the few who have consistently been assisting these orphans, I'm reaching out to those who have the means to help, but are not aware of the dire situation because their "leaders" continue to cause division in the churches of God, and refuse to inform their congregations that there are true members of the Body of Christ, the church, who need help.

After informing one high ranking leader of one of the large churches of God of the dire need of some of our impoverished brethren, he patted me on the back and said (and I quote) "Your doing a great job over there, but we like to take care of our own brethren before helping those abroad."  He would not help at all, and I know for a fact that his organization has tens of thousands of dollars of tithe & offering money sitting in the bank. I then contacted another high ranking leader explaining the suffering that our African brethren are enduring, and how they need our help. His reply was even more shocking, he said (and I quote again) "preaching the gospel is a business, and when you don't get a return, you pull out. We tried Africa, but got nothing back, so we will not help African brethren"

Another well know "leader" of another larger church of God group who had a little over $200,000. of tithe and offering money sitting in his bank account also refused to help. He said we weren't part of "his" organization. Yes, you heard me correctly, he would not help because we weren't part of his particular "cog group". And he not only had $200,000 sitting in his bank accounts, but was also purchasing stocks and bonds with all the tithe & offering money that the brethren were sending him.

I don't mean to be so blunt here, but keeping silent about this atrocity would be a sin. The Apostle Paul instructed us to do good unto all men "especially" those who are of the household of faith. Brethren, these suffering people are of the house hold of faith. Even these orphans children came to us from various churches of God who could no longer care for them after their parents died.  We didn't care which particular cog group they were part of, that didn't matter one iota. What mattered was that they needed our help. And believe me, their needs are quite dire.  And I'm not only addressing these orphans here, there are also other brethren who need our help. I received a call from a cog pastor in Western Kenya last week informing me about two deaths in his congregation. One was a child. They needed to bury them, but didn't have enough funds to purchase coffins. I had to turn their request down due to lack of funds.

We have also been assisting a number of "true" widows, also from various cog groups. One from the border group living near the Maasai tribe, another from Ogembo, and a few from Sengera area.  We help the brethren that are reaching out to us the best we can, and our Heavenly Father has  always been good at stretching the funds that come in, but if a few more were involved, we could help so much more.

Brethren don't allow these false leaders to continue dividing the church of the living God. Don't be fooled by men. Men have divided the church of God into hundreds of separate organizations, but in God's eyes, He sees only 2 groups (yes two) the wise & the foolish, the sheep & the goats.

Please pray for our impoverished brethren who are living in these 3rd world impoverished countries, many of them are suffering severely. And most of all let us pray "Thy Kingdom Come" because the coming kingdom of God is the only thing that can resolve all the man made troubles of this untoward world.

Your brother in Christ.

bill Goff

P.S.: Pictures of the 17 Sengera House orphans.

The 14 below just returned from elementary school.
Their school is within walking distance of the orphanage.

Kenya Government required the children in HS, and Trade school to board. The pictures below were taken about a week ago when boarding school started.

This is Nehemiah, arriving 1st day at High School.

This is Brian (we call Ibu) arriving 1st day Trade school.

This is Felix, arriving 1st day High School.

The children pictured above attend Sabbath with us in Sengera.
After services we always try to feed them something.

It's thanks to the donors of KHofH that these precious children are being cared for.  May our Almighty Father bless each and every one of you for caring for them.

bill Goff

January 8, 2018

Greetings Brethren,

It is with great pleasure we bring you this January 2018 update. Thanks to the many blessings that our Heavenly Father has bestowed on us, a lot has been accomplished at the Sengera House Orphanage. We are happy to inform you that the construction of the cafeteria is moving well along. The children are now able to use the cafeteria, sitting and eating comfortably on benches at tables, instead of packed into the sitting room of the boys house where some were standing to eat due to lack of space & chairs. What a blessing this is for the children. We thank the donors for making this possible. We now need to put the glass panes in the windows, purchase and install the plywood tops on the remaining table and benches, and plaster the outside of the building with cement. Then this much needed project will be completed.

School also began on January 2nd. We were able to pay the school fees for all 15 elementary level children. We also purchased their books, uniforms, and additional school supplies.

We also have two boys who are beginning their first year of High School. Felix is now enrolled in a High School just outside of Kisii Kenya, and Nehemiah will begin attending another High School approximately 150 miles away. Both boys will be boarding at their newly assigned schools. This is a big move for them leaving the security & protection they have experienced living at the orphanage.

In Kenya, the Government assigns which school you will be attending, they base it on the results of your High School entrance examinations. Both boys are extremely happy and thankful to be furthering their education (which is not all that common in Kenya.) And it is thanks to you donors who have made this possible for them. Praise God for your good works. I'm sure when their parents rise up in the resurrection, they will be very appreciative for the care and concern (yes the Agape love) that you have been giving to their orphaned children.

We (KHofH) have also continued assisting a number of "true" widows scattered around Kenya, including the Maasai boarder area, Ogembo, and a couple in Sengera. Most of the assistance has been for food aid. Many Kenyans are severely food insecure, with millions, yes millions unable to put even one meal a day on the table. Kenya depends mainly on rain-fed agriculture. With the poor seasonal rainfall recorded throughout 2017, the country has been struggling to feed its people. We still have brethren rationing their food, and famine can be found in all corners of the country.

We all have much to be thankful for, and much to pray for. But the top of our prayer list needs to be "Thy Kingdom Come" because many around this world are suffering (some horrendously.) Our Father's Kingdom is the only solution to the mounting problems of this untoward world in which we are living.

Once again we want to thank the donors, your good works are Glorifying our Heavenly Father.

bill Goff

Felix arriving at school

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