December 2017
December 23, 2017

Greetings Brethren,

Hope this update finds all of you well, both physically and spiritually, as we patiently await the return of our Lord and Savior. As stated in our last update, we have been quite busy working on the improvements at the Sengera House Orphanage. Most of what we are doing are requirements imposed on us by the Kenya Government which include the installation of a metal gate at the main entrance, tiling the bathrooms, and most importantly building a cafeteria for the children to take their meals.

We have been busy for the entire Month of November right up through today, Friday, the 22nd of December, and we have accomplished much. Thanks to you who have been donating and supporting these orphans, we have completed installing the metal entrance gate, completed tiling the boy's out side shower, and inside bathroom, completed building the store room (a separate building directly next to the kitchen) and most importantly, built a cafeteria where the orphans can take their meals. (Building the cafeteria was most important because they have been taking their meals in the sitting room of the boys house.)

All of this is a Huge improvement here at the orphanage, and we will be able to start using the cafeteria as soon as we are able to obtain some tables and seating. Our plan is to make tables and benches out of metal, and use plywood for the tops. (That will be the least expensive way to accomplish.) we have already managed to make one table. Keeping up with all these improvements in such a short time, has caused us to tighten our belts, and squeeze the funds tighter than ever. We even ended up using the funds we had been putting to the side for the children's upcoming school fees. Yes, it's been quite a challenge trying to meet all the requirements that the Government here has given us. Even though the bulk of the work we did ourselves, we still had to purchase materials and also hire some Contractors. And please allow me to remind you that the orphans had much "hands on" (especially the boys) in all the construction we have been doing, as we continue to teach them many different trades so they can eventually become self supportive when they grow older.

I also want to make you aware of how wonderful and unspoiled these orphans are. We always try to treat the children with a one day outing during their time off from school that includes a day trip to Kisii for a swim in one of the hotels. But this round we were not able to fit that in the program. For one thing, we were all so busy trying to complete the projects, the other reason was because we used every last Schilling we had on the work. What's quite impressive about these children, is that not once did any of the them complain. They are all so appreciative to be living here. All of them know what it is like to go without food, clothing, and school. So the children are very appreciative to you donors for making their lives so much better, and in so many ways. We have also continued to assist a number of true widows, and a few other orphans scattered around parts of Kenya.

Below please find some pictures & videos.

Your brother in Christ

bill Goff

Church Of God True Widow

Sengera House Cafeteria

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