November 2017
November 25, 2017

Greetings Brethren,

Greetings from Sengera House. We want to thank and praise our Heavenly Father for the care He has bestowed on the orphans here in Sengera Kenya. All 17 of the orphans are doing well. They are currently off from school until January 2018 when the new school year begins. As you may know two have graduated 8th grade and I am happy to inform you that both passed the entrance exams needed to be accepted into High School. It is thanks to you donors who have been assisting these children that they are receiving an education, they appreciate your support very much.

Currently we are quite busy here at the orphanage complying with the Kenya Government's requirements that they have imposed on us. We have been moving forward with a number of projects, one is the building of a not only required, but much needed cafeteria where the orphans can eat their meals. (They have been taking all their meals in the sitting room of the boys house.)

The foundation and walls of the new cafeteria are now complete, and we hope to install the roof this coming week. We have also been working on the construction of a detached store room where not only supplies can be securely stored, but it will also provide a place for the various grains that they are growing to be stored come harvest time.

Another requirement was to have a strong metal gate at the main entrance of the compound. We have been moving forward with that project also and should complete it soon. Below you will find some pictures of all these projects.

We also want to remind you that the children here have been involved with each and every project, as we continue to teach them various trades, and give them plenty of "hands on" experience. We are trying to teach each and every orphan some kind of trade so they can become self-supportive in the future. All of you donors are doing some really good works by supporting these children, good works that are glorifying our Heavenly Father. So we thank you for your support, and want you to know that we are doing our best to use the funds properly and efficiently. We have also been continuing to support a number of "true" widows, assisting them in their time of need.

We also hope to turn the spare room in the girl's house into a sewing room, so the girls can learn that trade.

Your brother in the Faith.
bill Goff

November 11, 2017

Greetings Brethren,

It has been another busy Month here in Kenya with a lot of activity at the Sengera orphanage. The school year has ended and the children are off until January. They have been busy digging the garden, planting more crops. Once again we have divided the field into separate portions so each child can tend and grow his own garden of vegetables. As you can see in the pictures below, the children love gardening. That is a good thing, because for most Kenyans, if they don't work hard in their gardens and get blessed from God with a good harvest, they will starve.

Planting: kales, water melon, onions, peppers, tomatoes, black night shade, carrots, spinach, beet root, spider plant and cabbage.

The children are very energetic. Not only have they been busy in the garden, but last week the boys painted the interior walls of their house. And they were quite meticulous, doing quite a professional job.

We are also in the process of building a much needed store room at the orphanage, which will enable them to store and secure supplies, and also have a place to store some of the produce come harvest time. The store room will be a totally separate building (11' X 12') situated directly next to the kitchen. For those who are not aware, the orphans at Sengera House came to us from various cog groups scattered around Kenya. Those groups were unable to sustain these children after their parents died, and each and every one of them was suffering from lack of food, proper clothing, and void of schooling. It is thanks to our Abba Father, and the donors of KHofH that these children are now being well cared for, well fed, clothed, and all are enrolled in school. (Some are at the top of their class.) The environment at the orphanage is wonderful, everyone gets along with each other quite well, it's really one big family. The children are so happy, and so thankful to be here. We are hoping to be able to complete the store room, it will greatly help the overall efficiency of the orphanage. Once the store room is completed, we plan to turn the spare room in the girls house (where we are currently storing supplies) into a sewing room, where the girls will learn to sew, and hopefully begin a small business. If you can possibly help in the funding of the store room construction, it would be very much appreciated. we started a fundraiser at:

In other news, at the coast we had three baptisms this past week.  The following was received from Elijah Mutie the coast overseer: 
"Greetings from Mombasa. Have just returned home.  We had good ceremony where 3 were baptized.  We thank God, and KHofH for your contribution which enabled us to travel to the remote village of Kilibasi to conduct the baptisms."

Received the following from the Ramula church:
"Shalom Pastor.
How are you?  we here are okay as you know the problems we were having in Kenya "riots" it has taken time not to communicate with you.  The demonstration in Kenya leave people injured and some were killed.  But our members were protected by our Heavenly Father.  Your prayers and our prayers protected us, my family and all of our congregation sends there greetings to you and all our called ones in the whole world send to them out appreciate for there prayers and donation toward our 2017 FOT  it was wonderfully whether there was violence in Kenya.  May Yah bless their works.  And give them the same heart of giving to support the work of God.
Thank you very much.
John Ogada"

All 17 children at the cog orphanage want to thank all of you who have been helping them.  They are saying "Thank You" very very much, not only for easing the suffering that they were all enduring (they literally came to Sengera House from various cog groups scattered around Kenya where they were literally starving) but they also want to thank you who have been supporting for giving them the opportunity to know and learn more about our Creator, and how loving He is.  They also say "Asanti Sana" (thank you very much) to you supporters also, for the schooling and teachings they are receiving, it has given them so much hope for a brighter tomorrow.  They say "May the Almighty Father Bless you."

Reporting on our Kenya Brethren.

bill Goff

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