August 2017
August 18th, 2017

Greetings Brethren,

Hope all of you are well. Just wanted to inform you of the current conditions here in Kenya. As some may be aware, the Kenya Authorities visited our orphanage recently and made a number of demands that we had to conform to, from having running water throughout the camp with sinks in sitting rooms, and an indoor toilet in the girls house, a fire extinguisher in every room, and additional outside lighting. Also a vehicle. I am happy to inform you that thanks to your donations, we were able to comply to almost everything they required, and hope to soon accomplish the few remaining. We have also completed the construction of a car port for the car. We expedited that project due to recent ice storms we gave been experiencing, fearing a cracked or destroyed windshield (also the intense equator sunlight required shade for the car.) we also built a small sea saw next to the swing set for the younger children to play on. What a pleasure it is to see these children so happy here at the orphanage, it is thanks to you donors for that.

I also want to inform you that your donations have also helped a number of others here in Kenya. The rain has come and it's time to plant, but many had no seeds. We were able to purchase seeds for a number of widows in various cog groups here. Your donations also helped a young boy who lives near the orphanage. We found him shaking all over earlier this week, he was so sick but his parents had no funds to take him to the local clinic. We were able to fund his treatment. Turned out he had strong malaria and was given injection and Meds. His Mother visited us a few days later thanking, telling he was getting better, and that he would have died if we hadn't helped. We also completed the construction of a toilet for the church widow in Ogembo, and have assisted her with two beds. (Previously her children were sleeping on the ground, and with no mattresses.) So again, we thank you donors for supporting the work we are involved in here.

We have also been asked for assistance from the church group in Narok and Bomet. Some of the church families there have been going without food due to famine. We haven't been able to assist yet, but hope to soon. Currently our funds are depleted due to the unexpected requirements the authorities imposed on us. We are hoping to get back on track soon, because the children's school fees are due soon. Also the Sabbath meeting hall at the Ikenye church group has collapsed due to heavy rain. They have enough funds to fix the walls, but are requesting assistance to purchase metal sheets for the roof. I told them if funds become available, we will assist.

We thank you donors from the bottom of our heart for assisting these impoverished brethren of ours, and we thank our Almighty Father for continuing to stretch the funds that come in. May He bless each and every one of you for caring for these widows & orphans.

Your brother in Christ
bill Goff

The new sea saw at the church orphanage.

Starting Construction of Car Port

The car port was constructed by the boys, as we continue to teach them many skills at the Sengera House Church Orphanage.

Manley receiving his first Bible

Maurine and Beverly Fetching Drinking Water
August 3rd, 2017

Greetings Brethren,

Let us praise our Almighty Father and His Beloved Son for continuing to bless the work we are involved in here in E. Africa. I am happy to report that the orphans living at Sengera House continue to be well cared for thanks to the supporters of Kenya Hands of Hope. Also, our two new residents (Manley and his sister Jemimah) have settled in well, they instantaneously became part of the family here. It's just wonderful how all the children get along so well, with no bickering, jealousy or animosity of any sort.

School has closed for the Month of August, giving the students a break between semesters. So as usual, we plan to be involved with additional projects. One on the list is to build another rocket stove, this one will be for "Margaret" the Widow residing in Ogembo where we build her the new mud house. Another project involves the car the Kenya authorities have required us to have. Thanks to the donations that have already come in, we were able to purchase a very nice used Nissan (pictured below) for a cost of $4,000. Now we just need to build a small car port to protect from the intense sun. That project has already begun. The boys have poured a slab of concrete, and soon as we have a few more funds we will purchase some steel pipe, some timbers, and some metal sheets for the roof.As many of you know, we have been teaching the boys numerous trades, from carpentry, masonry, painting and more. They have had plenty of "hands on" experience. As for the girls, our hope is to purchase for them a singer sewing machine. We have someone here at the camp who is quite capable of teaching them how to use it. Our goal is to prepare all these orphans to become self supportive.

Currently Kenya is scheduled for presidential elections next week. Many are anticipating rioting. Even this past Thursday I was in Nairobi and witnessed many trying to flee the City before any trouble begins. The bus booking offices were completely booked and turning people away. So please keep our impoverished brethren in your prayers, asking for Our Heavenly Father's protection. (During the riots following the 2007 election, much blood was shed here in Kenya, as some put it back then that "people were dying like hens".) But most of all, let's us pray "Thy Kingdom Come" because His coming kingdom is the only solution to the monumental problems of this untoward world.

Today (Sabbath 8-5-17) I visited our brethren in Nyamaruma church group. After services we discussed how they are currently suffering from a lack of food. They requested if we could supply them with some maze seeds because the time of planting is now, but they have no seeds. I told them yes, that we will purchase them some seeds tomorrow. We also promised an elderly widow there some rice (she hadn't eaten in over a day.) Upon returning to Sengera, I found Bernard (the eldest son of Margaret the Ogembo widow) his Mom and siblings did not attend services today. When I inquired why, he replied that they also had no food, and were too weak to trek on foot the multiple kilometer distance to church. We sent Bernard home with some potatoes, rice, sugar, a few oranges, and some tea leaves.

Brethren, our Kenyan brethren are really suffering. There is not only much famine here, but also an outbreak of cholera. Please keep them in your prayers.

Your brother in Christ
bill Goff

Sengara Vehicle

Sengera Orphanage's newly purchased vehicle. We thank those of you who donated, so very very much. The vehicle will be a big help here, especially when purchasing supplies.

Pouring Concrete

Harvesting Peanuts

Nyamaruma church sending greetings.

----- Forwarded Message -----
From: William P Goff
To: Bob Born
Sent: Friday, August 4, 2017 5:39 AM
Subject: Food Distribution

Received the following pictures from Michael Mbogo that he took of the food relief funds we sent from khofh. His area Nyakachi, Kenya has been in famine conditions for long time. Your donations to khofh have eased the brethren's suffering there numerous times.

Begin forwarded message:

From: mbogo michael
Date: 3 August 2017 at 6:59:03 PM EAT
To: bill Goff

hello, Elder William, receive the attachment below from Elder Michael Mgogo

Photo one
Shows the brethrens as they carry the relief foods after being distributed.

Photo two
Shows the brethrens on the front side of the building hall.

Photo three
Shows Elder Martin, Michael and the brethrens inside the meeting hall structure

Photo four
Shows the brethrens and the unfinished meeting hall structure.
July 2017

Sengera House
Sengera, Kenya
July 21, 2017

Greetings Brethren,

I hope this letter finds all of you in good health, both physically and spiritually. I arrived Kenya on the 12th of July. After spending the first few days in Nairobi, traveled on to Kisii Kenya arriving at the Sengera House Orphanage on Sunday July 16th. I found all the orphans in good health, and doing well. This week they are taking exams, and will then break from school for one Month before they begin another term.

Upon my arrival at the orphanage, I notice a new face, a young boy 13 yrs old by the name of Manley. I was informed by Nehemiah (the eldest orphan at the camp) that Manley had just lost his Mother, and that they had been feeding him for about a week, but he was sleeping at home with his younger sister Jemimah. I asked "what about his father?" Nehemiah replied that his father had died about a year ago, and that Manley and his sister were now total orphans. I said okay, that it was good that they were feeding him. I also noticed that the boys shoes were plastic, cracked and open, so on Thursday (market day) I brought Manley to the village to purchase him some new shoes. As I began looking at "new" shoes, Manley said no, let's look at used ones instead, because they are much cheaper he said. So we bought him two pair of used shoes at $2 each pair. (He was very appreciative.) Today I was visited by Charles Mokoro, the clan elder here at the camp. Charles wanted to talk to me about Manley. He told me that the late father's distant relatives had taken over the house where the children were living, and were mistreating them, he said the two children would now become homeless. Charles said he would take them in himself, but he was already over loaded with orphans. I agreed to take the two children in at Sengera House, so we now have two additional orphans living here. I also found out today that Manley is top of his class in level 7. Apparently his Mother had been paying their school fees. (Kenyan's will starve themselves with the little money they have, and pay school fees over food in order to give them an education.) The children here at Sengera House know both Manley and his sister quite well, because that family has been members here at the Sengera church for a long time.

Brethren, it is thanks to you that these children are being helped. I may be slow at reporting what is transpiring here at the orphanage, and I apologize for that, but please understand that the funds you are sending are helping so many of our impoverished orphans, widows, and brethren here in Kenya.

What a pleasure it is to be here visiting this place, and so inspiring. Even today Friday, just after sunset, I found all the children assembled in the main house singing hymns just prior to having dinner. After eating, Nehemiah had all of them engaged in Friday night Bible study. It was wonderful, and every Scripture that was discussed was read in English, Kisii, and Swahili (the children are learning all three of those languages.) Tomorrow we will visit the Itongo church group for Sabbath, they are located at the boarder of the Maasai tribe. It's the church group were we recently dug a well for them, and have also been caring for a elderly true widow there.

Reporting from Kisii Kenya, your brother in Christ

bill Goff

Sengara House

Manley & His Sister Jemimah

Worn Out Shoes

Itongo Church Group

Harvesting At Sengera

July 4th 2017

(Brian’s Actions Brought Tears To My Eyes.)

These children living at the Sengera church orphanage are so precious, and they have Big Hearts. One of the boys, his name is Brian was suffering from a skin infection so we brought him to the City to be checked by a doctor. During the day, Brian kept asking if we could buy some used clothes for a poor child that lives in the village near our orphanage. We told Brian yes, and purchased a pair of pants, a shirt, and shoes. Upon returning, Brian went and found the boy and had him put on the new clothes. The boy was so happy and excited. (Pictured below is Brian sitting on the floor next to the young boy.)

On another trip to the City we stopped for lunch in a small restaurant. As we were eating, Brian got up, and carrying his plate walked a few tables over to where a man was sitting alone. Brian scraped half of his food into the man’s dish; walked back to our table, sat down and with no expression on his face he continued eating. (The man had a Hugh smile on his face.) I asked Brian “What was that all about?” he gently replied “Didn’t you see that man had nothing but a plate full of kale, apparently that was all he could afford, and I could see he was starving."
Brian’s actions brought tears to my eyes.

As I mentioned, these children living at the Sengera Orphanage are precious to say the least. But the orphanage is being pressured by the Kenya authorities to have a vehicle; they say it’s in their constitution for all orphanages to have one in case of emergency. So we started a fund raiser at: “youcaring” to try and raise the funds for the vehicle. Please bring this important request to the attention of others who may be able to help. We at the orphanage thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

The link is:

June 2017
Donor Report 5/20/2017

Ogembo Widow's Mud House Project

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