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       My acquaintance with our Brethren in Kenya and Tanzania started in 2005.  I heard rumors that there were members of the COG who were in dire need of help, and that there was drought, famine and pestilence plaguing the brethren.  I purchased a round trip ticket, and went there myself to see first hand what the conditions were like for our brethren living in that 3rd world Country.  Now, it is my obligation to tell you what I know about our brethren in E. Africa.

COG Children from Tanzania

Far Worse Conditions

       Upon my first visit, I found the conditions of our brethren to be far worse than what was rumored.  I found Brethren who were true members of the household of God and very rich in faith, but quite poor in material wealth----- many were struggling for mere existence!

Lady watches, as her cow dies in the middle of the road from the drought.

       Most of our brethren are hard working peasant farmers.  When it rains their crops grow and they eat.  But when it doesnít rain the crops donít grow and they donít eat.  That was the order of the day during all of my visits --- drought!  Some areas had gone without rain for almost 5 years.  Some of our brethren were going a day (in some instances, two days) without eating.

       I also found our Brethren a much neglected people.  Considering that most were former members of the WWCOG (some even go as far back as the Radio COG) they were still lacking in some of the most basic and important items, like bibles and mosquito nets.  Our Kenyan Brethren have a strong thirst for the "Word of God", but a scarcity of bibles.  Many families are fortunate if they have one complete bible.

      I also found that each family had members suffering from many of the diseases spread by the mosquito, like malaria (including many of the children.)  Most of our Brethren had no mosquito nets because they couldn’t afford the $4.00 cost.

Common Problem Plaguing the Church of God World Wide

       I also found another problem among many of our brethren in Kenya,  a "Hugh" problem and one that has been plaguing the COG all around the world.  Many of the brethren were confused about whom they need to pledge their allegiance to.  You see, all the big groups are there in Kenya, and many of those big groups are confusing the brethren by competing for control over them.  Many of the big group’s pressure the brethren to be part of their particular "man- made" group.  (Some even preach that ones salvation depends on it)  So our work was cut out for us to begin turning the tide.

It was time to turn the tide

       Our Brethren in Kenya were truthfully in need of help, both physically and spiritually.  It was time to help them acquire some physical things like food, bibles, and mosquito nets.  It was also time to begin putting an end to the confusion that was plaguing them from the many false leaders: by pointing them to God and teaching them that He (God) is the one that we all need to be pledging our allegiance to.  There is only one "head" in the COG.  There is only one body, spirit, and one "Vine" that we all need to be directly connected to.

       Upon returning to the USA, I began to try and make as many of the COG brethren, from around the world, aware of the condition of our Brethren in that 3rd world country.  (How they desperately need our help.)  So we began a non-profit, called: Kenya Hands of Hope.  Please take the time to check out our Web site, and learn more about our impoverished brethren that are living in E. Africa.

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