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Kenya Hands of Hope
5525 Springs Avenue
Myrtle Beach, SC 29577
  Voice in the Wilderness Church of God
2152 Code 40200
Phone: (843) 447-0140   Phone: +254-704-0404-9060
Bill Goff :
  Haron Mokoro :
The following is a partial list
of our fellowship groups
Maasai border group Nyakachi group
Nyamaru group  Siaya group
Sengera group Merik Bomet group
Ikenye group Surubweti group
Metembe group Andrew group Narok
Ikoba group Risiaga group
Elephant group Mbita group
Chepalungu group Mfangano group
Dikrii group Martin group in Nyakachi 
Ramula group