September 2019
September 27, 2019

Kenya Newsletter Final 2019-09-27

September 22, 2019

Greetings Brethren.

It has been a very busy week at the Sengera Orphanage. I am happy to inform you that the construction of the boy’s dormitory is moving forward at amazing pace! The foundation is completed, and the entire rough floor has been poured. This is wonderful progress. It is apparent that the efforts of Kenya Hands of Hope (thanks to the compassionate hearts of those donating), our Heavenly Father has blessed, and blessed abundantly!

The original boys’ house was built five years ago out of timbers and mud. It was a temporary building, but all that we could afford at the time. However, during the past few months it was showing sign of collapse and was in need of replacing.  We started a fund raiser back in March but the funds that came in were nowhere near enough to even start building.  The fire that took place on July 25th changed everything and the replacement dormitory became a critical requirement (by order of the Kenyan authorities) in order for the Sengera Orphanage to continue operating.

The children went straight to work to clean up and remove the aftermath. We then scraped together what funds we could, added it to what was already received, and here we are today with the foundation and the rough floor completed.

The boys digging the trench for the foundation footings

The completed trench

Pouring the foundation footings

Local bricks making a strong foundation

The poured foundation

The superstructure is beginning to rise

We are now reaching out for help, because our funds have been depleted. If you can assist at this time, that would be wonderful. No amount is too small. We are hoping to continue building the superstructure as soon as we can.

Additionally, the Feast of Tabernacles is rapidly approaching. Our plan at this time is to conduct the Feast at Ikenye instead of at the orphanage due to the construction. We also have numerous remote Feast sites that are requesting assistance from us. There will be no extravagant feasting in Kenya; there never is. But if we could afford to assist all the sites with enough funds to purchase tea and maybe some rice and beans, that would be wonderful and a blessing to the faithful Feast-goers. Remember, most of our impoverished brethren ration their food all year long in order to survive. So whatever assistance we can provide for them will be an immense blessing.

Brethren, our Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ know the needs of their children. Please continue to pray on behalf of these orphans and the widows and for the many small families and groups that will come together to keep the upcoming Holy Days and the Feast of Tabernacles.

Finally, please know that these children and the people who have been served by your help and generosity pray for you and are thankful for you and for what you have done for them. As am I.

The boys might be quite cramped sleeping and living in the cafeteria, but they are in good spirits. They appreciate your help Very much.

Bill Goff

September 16, 2019

Hello everyone.

We are happy to report that the rebuilding of the boys dormitory is now underway. we broke ground on Monday September 16, 2019. Now our hope and prayer is for additional funds, so this important project can continue to move forward.

The boys might be quite cramped sleeping and living in the cafeteria, but they are in good spirits. They appreciate your help Very much.

Bill Goff

September 7, 2019

Greetings Brethren,

And happy Sabbath to all.

I am happy to inform you that with the funds so far received we were able to get the building project for the boys dormitory started. We have purchased 3,200 bricks, 2 loads of stones, and one load of sand. (All for the foundation.) The contractor says he can complete the job in just over one Month if we have the funds to move forward.

So please spread the word for others to join in and help these orphans so this important project can be completed. The boys need a dormitory to sleep in. We thank all who are helping, from the bottom of our heart.

Bill Goff

September 1, 2019
September 1, 2019
Greetings Brethren,

We have not only been making progress doing the initial prep-work for the eventual construction of the new dormitory, but have also been preparing the children to return to school. On Monday September 2nd the third and last term begins. School fees have now been paid for all of the children living at Sengera House and also for all five of Matara's orphans (Matara is the 92 year old man who lives just outside of Kisii that we have been assisting to support the orphans he has taken in).

We have also received an estimate from a new builder to replace the destroyed boy’s dormitory. Our last proposal was for $55,000 which is much more than we can afford. So we have downsized a little bit and the new one is $25,000. Our hope now is to raise the funds. If you can spread the word about the need here, that would be much appreciated. Construction can begin as soon as we have a portion of the funds to begin. Donations can be sent to either our main page or

We have also taken on another orphan; she is ten year old Faith Nyomenda. She has come to us from the Nyamaruma church group which is one of the Churches of God that we try to serve here in Kenya. Her parents recently died and the elderly widow who had been caring her is no longer able to do so. Faith is in level 3, and has been in and out of school due to lack of school fees. We will take her tomorrow to be measured for her school uniform and she will begin school on Monday with the rest of the children.

Faith with Haron the Sengera House overseer.

Life is rough here for our impoverished brethren. One of the "true" widows we have been supporting is Margaret from Ogembo. You may recall we (khofh) built her a small house a couple of years ago to live in with her five children. Yesterday they were down to their last bit of maze (corn) and were hungry. So they put the corn out in the sun to dry, and planned to grind it and make their staple food "Ugali." While the maze was drying they took a walk to go fetch fire wood. Upon their return they found someone had stolen that little bit of food they had left. (So many are starving in that area) It was too overwhelming for Margaret's oldest son Bernard that he attempted suicide. Fortunately, his Mom found him in time and he was rushed to the hospital. Thankfully, he is recuperating and will survive.

Kenya is a country filled with hunger. Most of our brethren ration their food to survive. I was informed today that one of the ladies at services this past Sabbath in the Getongo church group near the Masai border, fainted during services. She hadn't eaten in 3 days. The needs of our brethren are great.

The boys are quite keen on mixing cement.

Francis installing pillars for a retaining wall.

Enoch and Mokoro building a concrete table

These children are industrious, not one of them is lazy.

That's James edging a concrete platform for the water tank.

The builder we contracted for constructing the new boy’s dormitory was here today and he laid the lines for digging the foundation. Construction can begin soon as we have a portion of the funds.  Please see this video of the children at work:

We want to thank our Heavenly Father and His beloved Son for the compassionate hearts of those who have been assisting the orphans here and Thank You all for your love and concern and your prayers which are essential, the children are doing well, and progress continues to be made at the Orphanage.

I will be returning to the States early next week.


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