Feast of Tabernacles 2017 Information

The Great Wedding Banquet

Many have been called But few are chosen!
Many have asked to be excused.

     Then the Master of the House said: Go out quickly into the streets and lanes of the city, and bring in hither the poor, and the maimed, and the halt, and the blind. And the servant said, Lord, it is done as thou has commanded, and yet there is room. And the Lord said unto the servant, go out into the highways and Hedges, and compel them to come in, that my house may be filled. For I say unto you, that none of those men which were bidden shall taste of my supper. Luke 14:21

Church of God E. Africa

It is with great pleasure that I present to you some of the poor, the maimed, the halt and the blind, living along the Highways and Hedges of Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda, whom God has called and compelled to come into His house.

This picture was taken at FOT in Nyandiwa Kenya 2006
(The following report pertains to a previous trip)

       I arrived in Nairobi Kenya with my old time friend and long time member of the church, Leslie Jenkins from the Grand Junction Colorado Congregation. This was Leslie’s first time to Kenya. I had been encouraging Les for a number of Months to join me on this trip, anxiously anticipating tapping into Les’ talents of photography & filming, hoping he would document the plight of our brethren over their in East Africa. After resting up and meeting up with James Mutulu, the overseer in Nairobi, we headed out across the Great Rift Valley on our way to Kisii Kenya to visit the church group at Charles Mokoro’s. As we crossed the Great Rift Valley, there was quite a variety of wild animals that could be spotted as we drove along the recently paved blacktop road, like Giraffe, Hyannis, Zebra, Baboons, Gazelle and more. We also observed many native Kenyans of the Maasai Tribe, tending their flocks of Cows and Goats.  We stopped to take a picture of a young sheppard boy who was tending his flock of Goats.



The weapon this young Maasai lad has in his hand is carried by all the youth in that part of the country, both boys & girls will rarely be seen without one. Sadly, it’s not needed for protection against the many wild animals that surround them, but needed for protection against their fellow man.

The previous photo shows that this lad has been carrying his weapon for a long time, considering the hole in his pants! I tried to hand him some coins for allowing me to take his picture, but he would not come within 5 feet of me for fear of being abducted, so I had to toss him the coins from a distance.

The Baboons were equally cautious of us, and kept their distance.

As we arrived in Kisii, we met up with another old friend of mine, Evans Ochieng. Evans is a dedicated member of the church in that part of the country, and oversees the large area of Western Kenya, causing him to travel long distances (often trekking much of it on foot) to visit 13 remote groups.

There were many waiting to greet us at Mokoro's, in Kisii Kenya.

We gave a bible study straight away.
There was quite a variety of special music.
And quite a variety of foot-wear too!
No shortage of smiling faces.
When I saw this, I knew it was time to eat.
Partaking of food is always preceded with hand washing.
That's Josephine (Mokoro's Eldest Daughter) washing Evans Ochang's hands.
Leslie Jenkins
Today's special - Rice & Banana.
That's Ugali (Their staple food) being served, and from the expression on those two faces, their going to enjoy it!

Evans Ochieng on left and Charles Mokoro.

After a very inspiring and delightful visit with the brethren in Kisii, we departed to visit the many other small church of God groups scattered around Kenya. In order to make it to all the groups, Les and I had to split up. Leslie and James headed for the church group in Migori, and Evans and i headed to the Rongo congregation.


Rongo Congregation

We arrived in Rongo on a Monday; a few of the brethren were away at work. The group has been congregating on Sabbath’s in this member’s small 1 room apartment, because they could not afford the 1,000 Kenya Schillings ($11.) per Month to rent a much needed hall. I committed to paying the $11. Per Month for a hall rental (That breaks down to $2.50 per week) and also promised to send them 12 bibles so each member could have their own personal copy.

If you donate to Kenya Hands of Hope “KHOH” This is part of where the funds go.

I started KHOH (A non-profit) immediately after returning from my first visit to Kenya/Tanzania in 2005 when I saw 1st hand the suffering that our brethren were enduring, living in that 3rd world country.

To read the full report, go to:

Back to my visit to Rongo:

The white sheet in the background separates the sleeping area from the rest of the room. Just before we departed, I asked to use the bathroom; one of the men escorted me down stairs to where there was a small 3ft by 3ft metal enclosed room with a 4 inch hole in the floor. This “bathroom” is shared by everyone living in that apartment building, and also serves as their shower which is fed from a rain filled cistern on the roof of the building.

Brethren, sometimes we complain if we don’t have at least two bathrooms in our single family home to share with only 3 or 4 family members, how about having to share one bathroom between 4 or 5 entire families?

(Next stop, Ndhiwa, where we were caught in a flash flood.)

Our journey from Rongo to Ndhiwa consisted of a number of different modes of transportation; we started out in a Matatu (minibus) for about one hour, and then switched to a motorcycle taxis. The motorcycles could only go so far due to the swampy area that we had to cross, so we trekked on foot the final leg of the journey for about a ½ hour walk.

That’s Evans on the back of that motorcycle taxi.

I apologize, but I never took any pictures of the group of about 20 members in the Ndhiwa congregation, but I will mention here part of what I spoke about when I addressed them. Most of the members in Ndhiwa have been in the Church of God for many years, but have been confused by the many contradicting doctrines that have been taught by the many different “ministers” within the COG, most of whom are hierarchal.

Now our brethren in Kenya are quite familiar with eating chicken, most of them are peasant farmers. I told the brethren to treat what they hear from men in pulpits, the same as they do their chicken when eating. I told them that they have to CHEW the meat first, and then spit out the bones before swallowing.

I reminded the brethren how we need to be Berean’s, “quick to hear the word with readiness of mind, but searching the Scriptures daily to see if the things taught are Biblical”. Yes, “study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.”

I reminded them who their true teacher is, Christ. 1 Jn 2:27, 1 Cor 2:12-16, 2 Tim 3:14-17. I also reminded them that the job of the ministry is for the edifying of the body of Christ, and for the perfecting of the saints, NOT for lording over or controlling. Eph 4:11-12, Luke 22:25-26.

 After the message, we broke some bread, and as we did it began to downpour heavy rain for about one hour. Once it stopped, we departed on foot headed back to where we could meet back up with the motorbikes.

But there was a problem; the swampy area was now a raging flash flood of fast running water about knee deep and rapidly rising. We were advised to turn around and depart over the other side of the mountain, that it was too dangerous to try and cross (But that would have added an additional day of traveling to our already pressing schedule) so we decided to pass through the water. We did by holding one another’s hands to keep from being swept away. It was now up to our waste but we all made it to the other side safely.

I took this picture after crossing the rising stream of water from the flash flood. These four children helped us out of the water once we crossed over to their side. As you can see, it was also becoming quite dark out.
(I found out later that the area had Crocodiles.)

Next stop “Sindo” congregation, where we addressed some of the local Protestant church Ministers, and also weathered another flash flood.

On our way to Sindo, the straps on Evans backpack broke, so as we passed through this small village of shops, we began looking to purchase a new one.
Evans transferring items from his broken backpack to the new one.
As we entered the village of Sindo, some of the brethren began to greet us.
After everyone arrived (Including a couple of local ministers of the Protestant faith) I conducted a bible study. The local Methodist Minister did a fine job of interpreting my message in their vernacular.

(Evans had been visiting that village numerous times in the past and this particular Protestant minister was very receptive to the True word of God.)

Our Bible study focused on “The One True Church” and how Christ started His church 2,000 years ago, building it upon A Rock (Himself) like He tells us in Mathew 16:18. We discussed how the church is the “Pillar and Ground of The truth” 1Timothy 3:15. And how the Father wants all of us to worship Him in Spirit and in Truth John 4:24. We talked about how the Truth is what sets us apart from others, John 17:17. And how we need to study the Bible to be approved by God, by rightly dividing the word of truth 2 Tim 2:15.

After the Bible study, I asked the sindo congregation about any needs they may have. There request was for help in paying their monthly hall rental fee of 1,000 Schillings ($11.) I agreed. (They also requested 8 Bibles.)If you donate to KHOH, this is another place where your donation will go.

Can you imagine, being called by God the Father Himself!
Having your eyes & your ears opened to His Truth!
The Holy Scriptures Coming Alive!
And not having a Bible?

Not having a bible of your own, that you can pick up and read, anytime your hearts desires?

I can imagine it brethren, because I personally know of many, yes many of our brethren over there who are going through their calling stage - their “First Love” Being “On Fire” for the Word of God. But have no Bible.

We were able to supply 6 bibles to one church group, so they share them by taking turns each Sabbath bringing one home for the week (when one’s available) and then returning it the following Sabbath.

Currently we have over 100 of our brethren in E. Africa who would love to have their own personal Bible.

You will see that there are many needs of our brethren over there in that 3rd world country, as you continue to read my report. I pray that there are still some brethren out there who have not lost their first love and can see the suffering of our African brethren and hear their humble cry for help. Let us not forget the admonishing from the Apostle John in 1Jn 3:17.

But whoso hath this world’s goods, and seeth his brother have need, and shutteth up his bowels of compassion from him, how dweleth the love of God in him?

After the Bible study & discussion, it was time for a little lunch.

We left the meeting place there in Sindo, as the sun was about to set. The man pictured above (on the right) is the local village doctor. He had attended the Bible study and requested us to spend the night at his house, we were much obliged. (But it was a very long walk.)

It normally takes the doctor 45 minutes to walk home from the village, but it had been raining heavily during the meeting, and there were more flash flooding about, so the 45 minute walk, turned into 3 1/2 hours of walking through both mud and some fast moving water.

 (In the dark of nigh with two dim flashlights.)

We arrived at the Doctor’s home quite muddy & totally exhausted.

I took these pictures the following morning as Evans and I walked back to the village to catch transportation to our next destination. We had crossed this gulley the previous night in the dark, when the water was rushing through.
The trail was much dryer from the night before, but still a bit muddy.
Evans has walked so much over the past years visiting the remote brethren that he now has much pain in one leg and he often needs to stop and rest.

I have been trying to raise funds with KHOH that will enable him to use the services of local motorbike taxis when available, this would be a big help to the work he is doing, if we could afford it.
We caught transportation in the village, and headed to our next stop:
“Homa Hills”
As we approached “Homa Hills” I notice these young school girls were all carrying the same weapon that Sheppard Boy had back at The Great Rift Valley!
As I mentioned earlier, many of the groups we visited were only accessible by trekking on foot.
Homa Hills Congregation.
The zealous congregation at Homa Hills is overseen by Bernard Ogula. The congregation there sends all of our their greeting. We conducted a lengthily Bible study concerning why we need to be overcomes now and changing from our old sinful ways now.

I told the brethren that there is no magic wand at the end of the day that God will use to instantaneously change our nature, and develop in us His Holy Righteous Character. I told them He is changing our natures now day by day to those who are willing to participate in His program

As we prepared to leave, we put hand on a brother there who had been vomiting blood for many days. I’m told he is better.

The only request that our brethren in Homa Hills had as we departed, was a request for some Luo Bible.

We have not been able to supply them yet. (but a donation to KHOH can help towards the purchase.)

Next was a two hour (mostly on Motorbike taxi) to Ugies Kenya
As we approached Ugies, the sun was close to setting.
We spent the night in a small roadside Hotel.
Couldn’t beat the price of $6 (And that included breakfast.)
The following morning we reached Agnes’ place. Agnes has been in the church since the “Radio Church of God”

We conducted a bible study with around 10 in attendance. (Their congregation consists of 15 in total.)

After the study, I asked them what their group needed; their request was for 8 Bibles. Again, I apologize for not taking more pictures. Time passed by so quickly with the study, and questions, and then after a quick bite to eat we were on our way.
Next stop Nyakach!
The Nyakach Congregation is fairly large, if we had visited on Sabbath every one would have been there.
After bible study, we broke some bread.

That’s NOT a turkey on the table, that’s their staple food Ugali, made from maize.

(Famine is present in this area of Kenya.)

The brown water in the pitcher is as pure as it gets here; but it’s okay once it’s boiled.

As we were preparing to leave, I ask them what they were in need of; their reply was the same as most of the other groups - BIBLES. (They requested 25 bibles.)

We assist our brethren as much as possible when funds are available. (Your donations to KHOH are highly appreciated by the Brethren.)

As we departed, Michael escorted me down a narrow trail to a small two room mud hut. Inside there was a very frail elderly lady lying on a cot in the back room (I think she was the oldest person I have ever met) she managed to get up on her feet, and with a walking stick came over to me requesting prayer, for she has been quite ill for a very long time. After praying for her in the presence of her family, we departed.

Next stop Ramula.
To reach Ramula, we had to cross the Equator, (near Kisumu.)
The Ramula congregation consists of three groups: Ramula, Aluor and Lidha, with a total of 41 members, most of which are long time church members. John Ogada is their Pastor.
The Lidha group consists of 12 members who walk 2 ½ hours each way to services.
All the groups in Ken Kenya are growing.
The group has been meeting in this building for a long time.
The group’s only request was for 35 bibles.

The meeting hall has no cooking facility, so after a lengthy bible study and fellowship, the brethren began their trek home. (Those from Lidha carry some provisions to eat along the way.)

Next stop Malanga
The church group in Malanga consists of mostly new members, one of which is Nancy, a very sweet young girl who lost both her parents and both her hands in a fire when she was young.
Nancy left a local Protestant church after hearing the truth being preached by the congregation there in Malanga. Her former church was quick to tell her that if she switched from Sunday worship to Saturday that they would cut off the assistance they were giving her, but she left for the truth anyway and now keeps Sabbath.

The local congregation does their best to assist her, because with no hands, she has no way of making her daily bread, and she has no family.

We also have been trying to help assist Nancy from funds donated to KHOH.

Most of the village practice Catholicism. In my message to the brethren I spoke about the time I visited the catacombs beneath St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome, and that the grave stone with the inscription “Simon” on it (Believed to be that of the Apostle Peter, the so called first Pope) was NOT the grave of the Apostle Simon Peter, but probably that of Simon Magus the Sorcerer from Samaria. We read through the Scriptures of Acts Chapter 8, and also discussed that history doesn’t show the Apostle Peter ever traveling to Rome, but history does show about the presence of Simon Magus in Rome and of the sorcerer having a large following.

The congregation at Malanga has also requested some Bibles. (There are 16 members who have none.)

Next stop Akala.
The COG in Akala is represented by a single lone family, Linnet Akanyi and her two children.

Linnet is a widow, and life is tough for her. She makes her daily bread by selling rice for a shop keeper at the local market (This is said to be one of the hardest ways to earn a living) She also has to purchase all of their water because there is no access to water within walking distance.

Linnet’s kitchen
They cannot afford to buy charcoal, so they cook exclusively with wood.
Fire wood for cooking.
Basket is for transporting live chickens to market.
We had a bible study with Linnet and family. I told her that they are not alone in their house that Christ was there with them. Shortly after our visit, she began meeting with a couple of other ladies, in her home on Sabbath.

Thanks to funds that were donated to KHOH, we were able to pay her son’s school fees, and he is now attending school. There’s only one school in Kenya (that I know of) that will allow a student to stay if he cannot afford to pay the school fees “Mukuru Kwanjenga. ”(We will be visiting there in this report.)
After leaving Linnet’s we passed this water pond about 5 miles down the road. These ladies are fortunate to have access to water and the luxury of washing their clothes free of charge.

Evans and I were now on our way to Nairobi to meet back up with Les Jenkins and James Mutulu. We had two more days in Kenya before flying back to the States. After meeting back up, we set out to visit the Embu congregation. Embu is located near Mt. Kenya.
Embu, Kenya.
Les and I spoke, and then we got together at one of the members homes.
The only request the Embu brethren had, was for us to help them begin an “Outreach Program” that they were trying to start. They told us that there were many orphans in the area and a number of elderly who were in need.

After returning to the States, I began conversing via E-mails with Grace Muthoni of the Embu congregation. Grace told me how there were so many orphans in that area (and a number of elderly) who had little to no food, minimal shelter, and no schooling. The congregation wanted to bring these children & Elderly under their wing. KHOH was able to send them $100. to help get the program started.

God blessed our combined efforts immediately. The first week they had registered 32 orphans, and not only are they feeding them physical food, but also Spiritual food.

I had Grace begin printing the original “Children’s Bible Lessons” that the WCG put out back in the early 1970 (We got them off of the Internet) Now all the children (And the Elderly) are learning about the Creator for the fist time.

This picture was taken the first week they registered the orphans. The sacks are the grains they purchased that will be shared amongst the orphans and the Elderly (and probably a few others who are desperate for food.)
The entire Embu congregation is relatively new to the Faith, but they sure are on fire with their Calling, and God sure has blessed their efforts.

Both the Orphans & the Elderly have not only been having some good nutritional physical meals, but have also just completed K level of the “Bible Lessons” and ready to move on to the next level.(As soon as they can afford to print them.)

Next, our last stop before heading back to the USA. Mukuru Kwanjenga
(Our slum school located in one of Nairobi’s largest slums)
That new building in the background is the kitchen built by donations to KHOH.

George Otara (The School Administrator) pictured above, had this to say about the school:

“Our school is mainly focused in providing education for the children from both the able and the needy families, and teaches them to now God and depend on Him in all the days of their lives. We thought this may be a better way of getting the young people into the true knowledge of God than trying to change them when they are old, for they will be found used in a different life contrary to the one that God wants them to live.

We also intend to provide the love of the mother to her child for we understand there are children missing it due to missing a mother or being in a family where this is impossible. That is why we use the term, MOTHERNAL LOVE.

Every morning we have 30 minutes for prayer and also in the evening before they go home. We also have set aside one hour for worshipping God through scripture reading, singing and praying every Monday morning and every Friday morning. I usually spend some times with the teachers to instruct them on how they should get the children into the knowledge of God. The teachers are all Christians.

As for the information about us, my Wife Margaret Otara and I are Christians intending to serve God according to His will. As you understand, we do minister to people the word of God and we are ready to learn more about the word of God.”

George Otara was born and raised Seventh Day Adventist, but after hearing our preaching back in 2006, he learned the importance of keeping the Holy Days (SDA’s in Kenya do not keep God’s Holy Days.) George has been working together with us ever since, and the congregations in his area continue to grow. Currently George not only administers the school, but is Pastor of three congregations, one in Nairobi and two in Kisii.

Currently we have over 60 students enrolled at the school. Many were arriving in the morning with no breakfast in their stomach (and nothing for lunch.) KHOH was able to build a small kitchen at the school for the making of Porridge. We were hoping to supply each child with two nutritional drinks a day, but recently funds have been low, and the school has been going several days without making any drink.

I took this picture just outside the slum school gate.
I Hope you enjoyed the pictures of our brethren in Kenya. As you can see, God is still in the calling mode. Apparently there is still room in His house, and He wants His House to be filled!

We are definitely living in “dangerous times” Brethren. Just like Paul told Timothy 2 Tim 3:1. We are living during the “perilous end times” when many (even many in the church) are walking down the wide & broad path, the one that leads to destruction. Sin abounds on planet earth brethren; it’s piled all the way up into the heavens, reminding God of her iniquities Rv 15: 5–4. For those in God’s church, who fail to come out of this world, their places will be filled by others.

This is not a time to lose track of our calling brethren, this is not a time to remain in the church at Laodicea, but to open the door in which Christ is knocking, and let Him in, so we can sup together Rv 3:20.

I bring this up, because we are living at the time when many (Too Many) in the church have lost their first love, have become lukewarm. We use the funds received according to priority, and there are many requests for assistance. Life for our Kenyan brethren is rough. The Drought & Famine in The Horn of Africa is the largest humanitarian disaster in the entire world right now, and it continues to grow worse. (2011 is going to be the driest year on record in Kenya) and the Famine in Somalia is the severest ever, and it is now reaching into all four corners of Kenya.

BRETHREN, please, try to understand me when I say that our brethren in E. Africa are in need of our help. I know that it is God who provides, but I also know that He commands us to “do good unto all men, especially those of the household of faith.” Gal 6:10. That’s who we are dealing with here brethren, members of the household of faith in Africa who often go 1 to 2 days at a time without food when the conditions are bad, and the conditions are worsening all over E. Africa at this time.

The Africans have been last for a long time, they have been the most downtrodden in all the world, but God is calling them now, because He says that the last shall be first, and the first last Mat 20:16. God is calling many in that part of the world, and He has given us (His church) a WIDE OPEN DOOR for the preaching of the Gospel at this end time, but it takes some funds to walk through those doors, it takes some funds to preach the Gospel during these end times in which we are living. Those of us with a purse need to use it, just like Christ told us to do Lk 22:35-36.

Brethren, we are living at a time when many in the church today have lost their First Love. Yes, many have allowed their precious “AGAPE” Love to wax cold Mat 24:12. Some have forgotten the two commissions of the church, to Preach to Gospel to the world, and Feed the flock that is among us.”

Also, “The laborers are few” So I ask you to pray “The Lord of the Harvest, that He will send forth laborers into His harvest.” Lk 10:02.

I have been trying to make the brethren here in the States aware of the conditions of our brethren in Kenya and Tanzania for a long time, but my plea continues to fall on deaf ears. Please help our impoverished brethren living in that 3rd world Country if you are able.

You can call me any time night or day if you have any questions:

Phone: (843) 447-0140
Web site:

Any assistance can be sent to:

Kenya Hands of Hope
5525 Springs Avenue
Myrtle Beach, SC 29577

We are 501C3 Tax exempt and will send you a receipt.

My name is bill Goff. I have been a member of the church of God since 1984. I have a full time job, and no one here is on any kind of church payroll. All funds received go directly to the work in Kenya/Tanzania to help our brethren, and to the preaching of the Gospel of the soon coming Kingdom of God.

Thank You.


Mutulu’s last visit to Western Kenya & Tanzania


Greetings Brethren,

Peace from God our savior be with all of you. We are here very happy to salute you in the loving kindness of God who is always with us, and especially in these times of great dangers due to the catastrophic events that are overtaking the world. We are hearing of wars and devastating earthquakes, civil strives and tribal clashes in various places, and above all is the speedy spreading of the gospel, which is among the many and first signs of the times of the end.

We are very thankful to our Lord and Savior, who has not left us ignorant of these signs, who is continually opening our eyes, confirming his promise that,” He does nothing without revealing it to his servants". Together with this revelations is the great and strong spiritual impression by the holy spirit to go out and let the gospel be heard in all the four corners of the earth. Thank God that this event is very much on stage. Last week, we had a tour of western Kenya and some parts of Tanzania where we went encouraging the brethren as well as meeting new contacts. We began by visiting our group in Kisii which our dear brother Mokoro oversees. One thing was evidence in our kisii visit, was that Satan is now being awakened by this gospel we are preaching. On reaching there, we found that the other churches of God’s groups are kind of uniting against us. They have stirred the area administrative office, questing about us and what we are doing to the community.

These other groups preach about developing the society, i.e., educating orphans and assisting widows, as well as building schools and hospitals. But when we reached there, we had to show them our difference with these others, as was sited by our Lord through Peter when he told the Cripple at the gate of the temple,” Silver and gold, we have not; but what we have we give you, in the name of Jesus of Nazareth, rise and walk". We did explain in details how, ours is to teach the society the way of life that brings peace and happiness. They kind of got confused by our answers and did back of not knowing what to accuse us of. It was at this point that we remembered the saying of Christ that,” The spirit will give you what to say, and a wisdom that know one can dispute with".

It very evident brethren that the times of great trouble are almost with us here, for which reason we then need to draw closer to Christ. We need strength by which we can resist the weak self and deny it completely. We need to see the kingdom more clearly that we can have a reason to move more forcibly towards it. This is the inspiration we got from that circumstance and wish to share it with you, seeing that you are co-workers with us in this great mission.

It was from here that Mokoro joined me in visiting another new group. We had met a request by an assistant pastor of that group. The pastor did invite us, thinking that we are just another mere professors of Christ who will just come and preach another Pentecostal sort of the gospel. When we arrived there, God gave us the utterance and we did speak the bear truth without any fear, staying with them for two days. At the end of it, the group accepted to shift from Sunday to Sabbath. The pastor tried to fight back to keep his flock but they disowned him. Going with the assistant. Pastor who is now coordinating for us there.

Its very strange how the gospel is facing quite some acceptance, these days, unlike the past when we were facing not a little opposition. We don’t know whether its also the times when many will join us with flattery. So many people are quickly receiving this gospel in this region and coming in masses, while we know that, only a few are being called. Now that we don’t know whom God is calling among the many, as long as they are receiving the gospel, we are welcoming them.

Brethren, this is calling for more reading materials which we reproduce here bit by bit. Its calling for more attendants which we should pray God to provide. Its calling for more visits and communication. Even then, so far, we are very thankful because we have not at any time got fully stuck and not being able to attend to the calls. From here, we traveled further to Tanzania where we spend another two days with our brethren there. We did come back to Nairobi, a very encouraged and strengthened people spiritually.

We wish to inform all of you brethren that the work here is increasing by every day. But as we continually remind, we need more funds to meet the increase. Right now we are getting calls by every day, from Uganda, Rwanda and around here where we are serving more than twelve groups now.. Lets walk on our knees brethren crying to God for more provision, both physical and spiritual that we may fulfill this commission. Lets pray that we overcome ourselves more, that we don’t withhold any strength within our disposal to work the work of our master. Lets brethren do more self sacrificing in terms of finances as well as our own time, to study, to fellowship with one another, and even to reach more new places.

May the God of peace and love live with us guiding every inch of our doing, blessing every inch of our efforts and granting success as we strive towards entering his kingdom and inheriting eternal life.

His grace and mercy be with all of us.

Its again, Mutulu Reporting from this region of E.Africa, Nairobi, Kenya



Greetings once again Brethren. Hope the peace of God and His gracious mercy continue to abide with you all. We are very happy and rejoice in the Lord because of his great works.

The work of preaching the gospel to all nations continues to take its course. Last week, we did the coastal region of Kenya tour where we went meeting the brethren. We did begin by one region in that area which me and brother Goff have nicknamed “The Wilderness” because of its remoteness and isolation from most of the world. Even then, we have believers there, as you will see in the photos. Its one place where, most of the traveling is done either by foot or a bicycle if one happens to be what can be termed rich, according to the standards of the place. We were met with great welcome by the brethren who were very anxious to hear the spiritual news. Though very dry, the place is packed with a people who are zealous of the truth. We did expound in deep details what the end time church is doing in preparation for the second coming of Christ.

In the meeting, we had one, a pastor of a main stream Christianity group who had happened to read our literatures. Even though he holds a diploma in their kind of theology, at the end of the meeting, he admitted he has never found a people with this kind of bible knowledge before. So, he was asking where we go for our bible training. He was surprised to learn that the church is the only God's bible college on this earth and that, by interacting and united bible studies, god gives members the knowledge. By the time we were leaving, he promised to read more and was talking of quitting his group to join us. He admitted openly that we are not preaching about our group but about Christ and the bible. Praise God that He is opening people\s minds and more are coming to terms with the true gospel.

After staying with the brethren for three days, we left, on a Sunday morning. We had to walk for four good hours to reach a point were we were able to hire a motorbike to another point where we were able to get a minibus back to where civilization belongs, I mean where communication is available. We traveled and arrived at the coastal town of Mombassa in the evening and did spend the night there.

On Monday morning we took off to another region near the Kenya/Tanzanian border where we met with another group. After a whole day of fellowship, we retired to bed. In the morning, I was joined by the area coordinator who rides a motorbike. We traveled to the next group but we could not hold a general meeting since most of them were somewhere working. So it forced us to meet each family by itself and that exercise took us two days. All the same, we were able to meet everyone of them and did encourage them in the faith. We also supplied them with new booklets which we had received from Leslie, authored by Brother Del Leger. We found them to be very informative and helpful to the church. We had to reproduce more copies so as to have enough. Our main reminder in all the groups was how we now need to be truthful to the bible. This is because most of us are used to singing the scripture while having nothing to do with the life they explain. Like, you will here someone say, “Am not of the world". But all that fills his thoughts, feelings, desires and actions, yes all that occupies his life from morning to evening is the cares of this worldly life. Someone will say, “We do not fight against flesh and blood"; yet all that concerns him is, that person, blaming, hating, fuming against another, gossiping and the like. We concluded by this verse;"2 Corinthians.5:16---He died for all that those who live may not live for themselves but for him who died for them. So we saw the need for everyone to stop fighting for themselves if we are truly dead and instead, fight for Christ. After a great exhortation in fellowship, we ended our coast tour with a reminder to everyone about the coming Passover. We saw how there's need for every Passover to find us nearer to Christ than the past one.

Great thanks and blessings from our God and savior, Jesus Christ be upon all of you who have made this feeding of the flock possible. As our Lord says, you brethren, did comfort us with the comfort by which God has comforted you also, thus, sharing with us the goodness of God. May the grace of God abide with you. We now intend to leave to the western region, and further to Tanzania. We are praying that God provides for the funds because, right now, the church account is very dry.

May God continue to bless us and through as many as have their heart in the work, provide for the funds.

The Lord be with you all.
Yours in Christ’s love,

PROPHECY FULFILLED1/3/2011 Hello Brethren,

Greetings once again Brethren, we always thank God and rejoice in Him when we remember His wonderful deeds. He has kept us safe and walking his pathways up to now. We hope He is doing the same with you out there and that you brethren are in good shape and very much in the ring.

Every sign that confronts us these days is indicative of end times. As we continue preaching the gospel in this part of the world, we are now realizing that a prophecy is being fulfilled before our own eyes, that of,"Rev.10:11--Thou must prophesy again before many peoples, and nations, and tongues and kings". The whole of last week but one and a part of last week saw us make another trip to Rwanda, Burundi and Uganda, after some who had read our flyer adverts requested for a visit. We had made the same trip in the past, as most of you may be aware, and established some flyer supply centers which functioned nicely and gave birth to the need for our follow-up. Thank God he has been blessing our work and thus strengthening our desire to move more forcefully.

On arriving at Kigali which is the capital city of Rwanda, we were met by those who had called and did arrangement for a meeting in the following day. Come that morning, we went hiring a hotel space where we had to buy some meals for us to be allowed to meet there. There, we did sit for a detailed bible study which took us half a day. To our realization, this was the first time this gospel has been heard in Rwanda. We touched on issues like, going to heaven, being saved, being born again and who God is. To begin with, all of them, four in number were opposed to it because they thought we are preaching our own minds and not the bible, but when we opened it, at the end, they realized that they have always assumed things and followed their pastors and not searching for the bible truth. It is at this point that they now began to want to study more.

Here now came, what am calling a prophecy fulfillment. Though these people are now very ready to learn from us, we are faced by a language barrier. Rwanda is a nation of only two tribes, but its two by name only since they speak the same language "NYARWANDA". They are one people who have never had a challenge to learn a new language since they can easily communicate in that on. At the same time, a great majority have never had the chance to travel outside the country. So, we were forced to speak through an interpreter, one who knows a little English.

This brought to light the reason why our Lord and savior commanded that we preach to peoples, tribes, languages. Brethren, this is fulfilled now as we talk, because we were after that forced to seek a Rwandese who is learned to help us translate our messages in to Nyarwanda. God did help us get one and fortunately, he is studying in a university here in Nairobi, Kenya where we are operating from. Right now, we are preaching in five different languages.

The following day, we held another meeting, this time with two more ladies who were as the four men, amazed by the new truth. After the study, when they learned that I was to leave the following day they felt bad and one of them was open to say that my being with them those two and half days wasn’t enough, because they need to learn to a level where they can be able to clearly explain to others. I did promise them our continued visit and communication, and our prayer for God to provide more servants, that at last, they may have someone who can visit and stay for a month or so.

As we said in our last report, that region has been ravaged by tribal wars that have left the people very skeptical. Most of them would not allow me take them a photo. They still suspect that I may use them against them. So we skipped much of the snap taking to save them that feeling. All the same they did receive the challenge and we left some booklets with that one man who will be helping them. We did establish a fellowship there and instructed them to be coming together and make a group study of the materials. After that, we traveled to Burundi. On arriving there, we were met by our respondent who introduced us to one family. Burundi up to now is not peaceful. There are occasional sparks of tribal clashes. So the family warned me against involving my self much, especially around the end of the year when there are many murders here and there. I did spend one day with that family which also received the challenge open-mindedly and promised to search the scriptures and prove all things, after which, they will call me and tell me what their decision will be. I did give them plenty of booklets, including the ones by Pastor Legers which Brother Leslie had sent me.

It was from there that I went to Kampala and was greatly welcomed by some two men who were anxiously waiting for us. We did have three days in study there and it was very well received. Unlike the two other nations, Uganda is a nation that is well learned in English and so we had no problem in communication. The two did accept the gospel and like Rwanda, we established a fellowship. The two men also admitted that it was their first time to hear this gospel, and that its what they've been looking for. These two, especially are very zealous for the truth and have right away committed themselves to it and to furthering it in the region. After the third day, we did travel back to Nairobi where we are now planning to move eastwards to Dar Salaam, in Tanzania. WORK EXPANDED Brethren, as you can see we have a lot to do. Should we now relax and assume the work is over? Suppose we did so and didn’t take this step to reach these three nations; where will these new brethren be? They will still be there, agonizing in search of the truth. They will be there suffering the tremendous desire for this good life which we are enjoying. Imagine those old days when you were in their position, looking for the truth, and going from one group to another. Suppose the one who was sent then by God to you said,” the work is over". Where will we be today?

We would still be out there, suffering the want. But as it is, those of our days obeyed and so, the truth reached us, they sacrificed their time and money, even their lives as it is written: "Hereby, we perceive the love of God, because he laid down his life for us; and we ought to lay down our lives for the brethren-1John.3:16"

Brethren, with this experience, lets remember how there are our brothers out there in these nations where the truth is yet to be preached. They are crying to God daily, and God is pleading with us to reach them. Should we leave them to continue suffering when God has given us the life, strength and even money to reach them? I believe no. Everyone who has the spirit of God is getting what I mean, for the spirit surely is desirous of all men here this truth, “And to the ends of the earth".

Seeing that things are so, lets then continue our good stewardship and reach those sheep that are of this fold, and bring them. We are now three countries more but our funds have remained the same as when we were serving two nations, i.e., Kenya and Tanzania. Let’s remember that we have walked through these open doors, and we did it by faith. Let’s not lose that faith and retreat. Let’s move forward. As we all know, God has designed a way of funding his work, which is the church tithing system and free will offering.

Brethren, tithes are not ours but God’s. They are for tending the flock as well as witnessing to the world. Let’s give it out and not stock it as some may be doing. Why should we not continue working for lacks of funds while its kept somewhere in accounts? If we don’t let it do its work, where will we take it at the end? Brethren, I charge you before God our Father, and before Christ our Master that we stand out for him and do his work.

I thank God very much for you, for the strength that he has given us to extend this far. We now need twice as much as we have been spending. Let everyone think about it and we sacrifice more to meet this demand. Am very sure, with our willingness to do so, God will enable us.

The flyer and booklet productions have doubled; the phone calls and emails the same, and so are the trips and time spent. This of necessity is calling for more funds.
May we, for the love of our brethren who are out there, who are co-sharers of the heavenly invitation, sacrifice more and reach them. Let’s with one accord pray and thankfully finish the work. May God bless you and keep with all of you, adding more of His love to all of you that we may dwell and walk in Him always.

The brethren here do salute you in Christ’s love. Grace be with you.

Yours in Christ’s service,




Peace be to all of you from our God and Savior Jesus Christ. Lets all with joy, thank Him mightily as we praise him for what He is enabling us to do as His chosen, the church. Right now, before us is a continuous fulfillment through obedience to his command, of the commission that He gave us, that of preaching the gospel to every creature on the four corners of the earth.

The whole of last week saw us extending the gospel to Uganda and Rwanda, countries within the East African region. Seeing that we don’t have representatives in those two countries, we did try a new method of spreading the Gospel there. We were inspired to design some flyers posing the question:


I did begin my journey from Nairobi, Kenya on a Thursday evening, traveling by road for fourteen hours to Arrive at Kampala, Uganda the following day around noon. On arriving at Kampala which is the capital city of Uganda, We did walk up and down the streets talking to some persons and at the end of the whole exercise, we where able to establish some three people, who work on the streets, i.e. one is a newspaper seller, the other, a mobile airtime dealer, and the third one is a watchman/doorman in the hotel where I slept the few days I was in Uganda. Two of them have stands in which they stock and sell their merchandises. These people did accept to spread the flyers to as many passerbies as will accept to receive them. And this, they accepted to do on some little payment. So we are using them as a channel for broadcasting. Everyone involved is quite excited as it will help them in making their daily bread.

On these flyers are introductory statements on what we preach and also have our contacts, so that, those who read them and wish to study the messages can either call or write to us requesting the same. It is those who will contact us, whom we will deal with. Details of this will be shown through the snaps, which we took during the campaign.

Since our prayer to God is: "Thy Kingdom come" and again, if possible,”That all may be saved”, I believe we will all join in praying that God may raise pillars through this work. For the few who read the flyers, they commended them for the good points, and said will write for correspondence kind of study.

After a two days stay, and after talking to these few representatives, I set off on another 13 hours trip by bus to the neighboring country, which is Rwanda. We traveled the whole night to arrive in Kigali, the capital city of Rwanda. There also, I established a hotel where I was to stay. After a short rest, I got down to work. Though being ma first time to be there, God gave me the courage to walk up and down the streets, taking snaps and trying to look for ones to help us supply the flyers.

Rwanda is that country in E. Africa which was affected by tribal war in 1994, where, about a million people were slaughtered. I was able to visit the genocide memorial museum and did witness what hatred can bring with it. Piles of skulls and bones, plus written messages and video pictures where all over. Surely, if there is any country that needs this gospel of peace, it’s Rwanda. Up to day, people their talk about the war and fear. The great problem I faced with the residence is their inability to communicate fluently in English. They speak, French, Rwandese and Kiswahili, but right now, the president has declared English to be the national language instead of French. So the majority is now learning English.

At last, I did establish a taxi driver who offered to represent us, a very good young man, of the tribe that was massacred most and had lost all of his family. He felt the message may help many who went through the same. He did show me around and I gave him the flyers, advising him to target the schoolteachers and those who can speak English, so that, on learning, they can teach the rest in their local language.

Even then, things weren’t very smooth for me in Kigali. After taking several snaps in the streets and about the genocide memorial, I was spotted by either thugs or security guys. At around 2:30 am, while asleep in Ma Hotel room, armed guards, demanding me to open my door, awakened me. Men entered my room in apron kind of uniform and straight away demanded my camera, saying they have things to search. I had placed it on a table by the bedside, as well as my wallet. They never touched me; neither did I resist them in anyway, but they did take the camera and my money.

In Rwanda, those with guns have different uniforms, because even the common security guards have guns. So it’s hard to tell who are the police or who is who. There are so many with guns in different uniforms, although no one in Rwanda walks with a gun except the authorized people. I did inquire the hotel management to help me understand why they allowed strangers in ma room. They said the police here carry out patrols and have the authority to search houses at will.

Though I was thinking of going to Goma, in Democratic Republic of the Congo and Burundi, I kind of shortened ma trip. Instead, we agreed with that driver to also reach the Burundi and Goma for us, which he agreed and is now doing as we talk.

This far brethren, as you can see, God has lead us successfully and we are now in those new regions through the flyers, preaching, and soon, we expect respondents.

It was after this that I went back through Kampala where I purchase a new camera and took a few picks, so you could see the newsstands etc.

I did arrive back to Nairobi safely and praising God for His protective care.
Brethren, lets now join hands in prayer and also in support of this. We need continues supply of this flyers for some time. We will need more booklets for those who will request, and so are more workers to serve the expanded region.

I believe it’s our joy and happiness that the work is on and we are growing in it.

Times are here with us, when we should be thinking more about the kingdom, loving the Lord our God with all our hearts, thoughts and souls, yes, seeking first the kingdom and His righteousness. For this were we called, and for the same, God is building us into those spotless persons. Let us with all our being yield to Him and to His word.

May the Good God who keeps us, His Israel be with every one of us as we be with him in His services. The gospel continues and I believe, every one of us is greatly encouraged, especially, spiritually.

The peace of God and his mercies be upon his church.
Mutulu reporting from Nairobi.


A Time of Great Inspiration




Many greetings to all of you out there and we thank our Holy and Mighty Lord God for the wonderful opportunity, which He has given us. He has called us with a holy calling and confirmed the same by giving us of His holy spirit, which is also a guarantee of the promised inheritance for those who will continue steadfast in the faith and sharing in Christ till the end. In a world where helplessness and desperation rules, Our God has given us a hope on which we lean and so enjoy a peace of its kind, as we await the ushering in of that kingdom which is actually the inheritance.
Being a very concerned Father, our Lord did see us gather this year in one site for the feast of Tabernacles here in E. Africa at the port city of Mombassa, Kenya, which is on the shores of the Indian Ocean. It is here where our memories of the promised kingdom were kindled. It all began with a reminder of the world we are living in and how its about to pass away, which was brought to us by brother Bill Goff who had traveled all the way from New Jersey to join us for the feast.

He told us about you brethren, conveying your greetings to us. It was a feast where we felt your presence though very far. This was as a result of the much information which brother bill gave us about you and the efforts you do put in helping the gospel in this region, as well as assisting in making the feast a success. We dined with you in our hearts, and could imagine how you were somewhere, having the same spiritual experience with us - yes, we fellowshipped with you.

Through out the feast, all the messages focused on the right now world and the need to come out of it while we commit ourselves to preparing for the soon coming one -the world tomorrow. It was so inspiring such that not many did remember the problems they left at home. We truly felt the atmosphere of the kingdom as everyone tried their best to please their neighbor and avoid every form of negativism. We were treated to outings, which included boat riding in the ocean. Of the most spiritually uplifted brethren were those from kisii, Kenya who saw the ocean for the first time. One of them did pose a question, wondering whether this was not the same ocean on which Jesus used to go on boats with the disciples. Besides the boat-rides, there was also camel-rides and swimming, with evening video shows.

In the course of that week, the Lord added to his church, four members who received baptisms, while 5 more members had hands laid on them.

Meals and beverages were in plenty and the brethren ate to their measure, and lastly, they carried the leftovers back to their homes.

After the last day, after seeing all the brethren off, brother Goff and I did travel to the western side of the country, where we visited with the overseer of the work in that area, a Mr. Evan Ochieng. Afterwards, made a two-day visit to the brethren at kisii.

From their, we came back to Nairobi where we also visited a school in the slums which is run by one of our brethren, Mr.George Otara, and which some of you out there have been assisting.

From that time of the feast, and concerning what we have been discussing with bill, the spirit expressly shows us to move in the wider region of Africa and take the Gospel there. We have therefore begun a plan of sending some flyers we had designed to this entire region. Our first move will be to Rwanda and Uganda, where much fighting is on from rebels opposing the sitting Governments. So we prayerfully ask every one of us to be committed to this work. With the renewed strength, lets by prayer, and with everyone employing their God-given talents, reach those other sheep, which are not yet in the fold.

The end has come, with everything Christ talked about taking stage. Since He has chosen us for the work of taking His Gospel everywhere, and making disciples of every nation, then I believe the feast, portraying the kingdom had every inch of a reminder to all of us on how we should be more serious in accomplishing this mission.

We hope and pray that God will enable us to truly pray: "THY KINGDOM COME", by our deeds of love for the work and our fellow brethren.

Let me on behalf of all the brethren here; convey our love for all of you and our desire for more encouragement from you. We look forward to meeting you one day, if not here, at the greatest feast of all times, the millennium rule of Christ and the saints.

The grace of our Lord Jesus and His love be with all of you always.
Yours in Christ’s service
James Mutulu, of Nairobi, Kenya

Gospel Spreads in Perilous Times




Greetings in the name of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ, who has united us, not in human groupings but in his own word-the truth. We can’t deny His involvement in this plan since, before then, we could not do what we are doing together due to human reasoning. But now, after a deep self-denial in every one of us, here we are, a people who have decided never to think of one's self-but rather, think of Christ and him crucified. We can’t forget to give him glory and honor for this wonderful arrangement. In it, outside the self, we are able to endure hardships, and more or so, to do everything in our power to have Christ honored, not only in our bodies, but more or so, with our possessions. This commitment has seen the work of spreading the gospel moving more forcefully than never before, and during these perilous times in which we are living. Now that the neighboring borders have open, Somali’s are allover, even interior in the villages, walking up and down in the name of selling clothes, which they carry on their shoulders. These are same Somalis who are promising to attack. Homosexual is everywhere in this country, even in schools. Whenever two men are seen sharing rooms, everyone thinks of, "They are doing it". People are very violent, so much such that, you can be killed and nothing happens to the killer. Am very sure, if it isn’t for God, we have totally no protection. Generally, the atmosphere here is tense. On Wednesday, the country will be voting in a referendum to decide on a new constitution. Some are speculating on violence on diverse areas. There is also this threat by the Al-Shabaab Algaeda-linked group in Somali, talking of blowing Nairobi, at some unknown soon time. We need to pray about it. Obama talked of sending some troops to Somali. They have return threatened to capture Americans anywhere in Africa. But I don’t think the threat is on us. We have a powerful government, that of heaven.

This week, we did see us advance in the same work, visiting the coast region of Kenya where we have several groups whom Christ has given us to feed. We began with one group, which, on getting there, one would think they are already in the place of safety. Why? Its one place, which is almost cut off from the modern society, situated some 50 kms off Mombassa road and surrounded by Ranches on one side and, a national park on the other. Means of transport are almost not there. We have only one Mini bus, which leaves in the morning, and goes back in the evening. The only other means is by some Charcoal trucks, which may be, or not depending on whether the charcoal is available. Due to excessive poverty, the brethren there depend on cutting trees and burning charcoal, something that has made the area even drier.

Bordering the national park, they are ever being invaded by herds of elephants and buffalos. Whenever there is rain, their crops are in most times destroyed by these animals and they rarely harvest. Here we had four families which fellowship with us but as the demand for self denial deepened, some two families have gone slow and kind of loved the world more than the truth. Otherwise, we have the remaining two families, very strong in the faith. This is where we made our first stop. A son of one of the families met me at the local shopping centre, one you will see in the picks carrying a bag and walking.

Arriving late towards the evening, we had to take an hours walk through the dangerous pathways, to arrive at their home at around 7.30 pm. We were met by a jovial husband and wife, a Mr. & Mrs. Moses Kangari, and did spend the night there, in the house you will also see in the picks. We fellowshipped, digging deep into the knowledge on why we need to deny self more this time than never before. In the morning, we left after taking some light breakfast. We could not even shower because; water is a rare commodity in that region. They have to travel miles only to bring a 20 gallons container, which has to take two or so days before they can go for another one.

Kangari's son leading Mutulu to their home.

One of the houses.

On reaching the other family, we were met by the mother and kids. The husband had gone fetching water. We shared with them that day, encouraging them in the faith, and proving from the Bible how life is not consisted in the problems we get nor the wealth we possess but rather, in living the right way, for our Lord says: "the life of man does not consist in the abundance of his possesion-Luke.12:15"


On the third day, we could not catch up with the early morning mini bus. But by God's help, a lone motorbike, which somebody had hired from the main road, came to ma rescue. After exhorting the brethren, I did bid them bye and we agreed to meet at the feast in Mombassa.

On reaching the main road, I took ma second leg to Mombassa town where I arrived in the evening and spend the night there. It was in the morning that I caught a bus to another group, which is at the coastal Kenya/Tanzanian, border and there found the brethren in good shape and very much in the race. We did spend some good time together.


In the evening, I did leave and proceeded to a third group, Elijah’s home. This is also deep in the interior but with some means of transport. Elijah is our coordinator in that region. Having several groups three, which are some distances apart, we did purchase a motorbike for him, which enables him to make occasional visits to them. After spending three days with the brethren, I did finish ma coastal tour and left the brethren very much awakened.


Brethren, this is the work you and I are supporting in this part of the world. As you can see, there is a lot to do. Now, the tomorrow's week will see us turning westwards, and on to Tanzania. We are ever duplicating reading materials because of the increased demand. Our brothers, Mr. Les and Mr. Richard can witness to this based on the kind of calls they are receiving from here, with a people requesting for visits and Biles, which with time, we will supply. We can’t fail to thank God who is using them in introducing more new groups. Its like they are with me here because they keep sending me new contacts every now and then. And so is our brother Mr. Goff who is also working tirelessly to coordinate the work. May God bless all of you for this deep-sited commitment.

Brethren, as we said with the brethren here, so we say with you there. If we will finish the work, which God has placed before us, we need to increase in self-denial. It is the self that gets tired; its the self that feels the pinch when one is helping, especially parting with money; its the self which brings divisions and suspicion among brethren, thus weakening our drive towards accomplishing. We therefore need to unitedly pray more, that we may say no to it and give ourselves more to the work. Those of you, especially, Goff, Les, and Richard, who are directly contacting with people here, can confirm to you how the work is increasing by everyday with more people coming into what Christ is forming through us. I may not have the right words to say it nicely, but the truth is, we need funds to enable us have some food (spiritual) in the house of God. All of us now know what the church is. So, am not talking about the vitwcog, or Rcg, or, cfcog and the like. Am talking about the church of God, a spiritual people that Christ is building, which consists of those who have been baptized into to the truth-Christ.

Lets be very happy and thankful to God because what He has started through us has never got stuck. It has continued to grow and expand. Be encouraged and let everyone who is involved put more strength and devotion to it, knowing that it is not in vain.

May God continue to guide all of you, blessing you in all your endeavors and giving you, all the success, in both the spiritual and physical levels.

Receive greetings from the brethren, who are very thankful for all that you are doing to them. We welcome all of you to Africa and pray that God may enable you.

The grace of God be with you and His mercies, for now and forevermore.

Yours in Christ’s service
Mutulu, reporting from Nairobi Kenya

Doors Opening for the Gospel

Greetings to all of you.  We here are very thankful to God who has kept us this far.  His mercy and love is being displayed in His church, seeing that He continues to bring us together in a very selfless way.  Since He began uniting us we have seen quite some measure of His blessing, especially concerning the work in East Africa, and its continuous move forward.  We are very grateful to Him for what He has enabled us to do together.

Now, as we continue to work, we have seen something new unfolding which we very much believe to be His design.  Since the starting of the preaching the gospel here in E. Africa, it has only reached Kenya and Tanzania.  The Gospel began spreading into both of those two countries back when the Radio Church of God was broadcasting from the powerful antennas of Radio Luxemburg.  Even today, as a result of that and the heavy presence of the WWC in the past, there are many “members” of the COG (Including all the splinter groups) here in Kenya, and part of Tanzania.  But not so, in the other neighboring countries, the true Gospel hasn’t spread there as of yet.  Much of this has been due to the border barriers, lack of paved roads and also financial limits.

But as we talk now, many changes are taking place.  For one, China has moved into E. Africa and has paved many of the main roads, which connect the different countries.  This now enables easy and fast movement for those with the Gospel to easily move about.

Also, on July 1 2010 borders opened throughout much of E. Africa and we are now able to freely move into surrounding countries, having even the right of residence in all of them.  These are, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, and Southern Sudan.  After this, we will be bordering Ethiopia, Somali, Drc, Malawi, Congo, Brazzaville and Zambia.  If you look at the design, then we are not wrong to say that God is opening the door for the gospel in those regions, where the true gospel has never reached. Much of what is known there in those other countries is the traditional Christianity.

We have therefore planned to begin advertising in all those countries, using flyers, which we intend to dispatch by roads, using transit good transporters who roam the entire region.  This way, we will reach the entire region, sending our contacts.  And it is also affordable, unlike TV or radio, which are very expensive, and unlike Internet, which is not widespread in this region. Brethren, this will cost us much printing and also paying the drivers who will be going through the towns and roadsides dropping the flyers.  (It’s something we have tried before and have seen it to work very well).

We therefore are prayerfully requesting you to support this new venture as you have always done, that we may walk through the door and finish the work which the church had began, and so be the faithful servants who are following their Master’s voice.  Remember, He told us “Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit” Mt. 28:19.  Also, concerning the laborers and the spreading of the Gospel, He tells us: “So the last shall be first, and the first last” Mt. 20:16.  Who is more last and downtrodden, then those living on the continent of Africa?

The signs of the times indicate in every way, that we are very much at the end, and we believe it is one of the big reasons why God is opening this door for "THE GOSPEL SHALL BE PREACHED TO ALL NATIONS, AND THEN THE END SHALL COME."

Here we are brethren, witnessing the increasing speed at which doors are opening for the Gospel to move into all areas of East Africa. Remember, as a church we are the body parts, and each part has its function so that with every part working and being joined by ligaments, the full body may function to the full working, even the building of Christ's body.

It's my prayers that God will give us the power to act urgently and have the ball rolling.  Not that we are not doing it brethren, but only a matter of increasing our speed and distance, by adding some financial support to cope with the increase.

May the gracious God and our Savior, Jesus Christ abide in everyone of us, and give us more power to deny self, that we may find it a joy to serve Him, even with our material things.
The brethren here say hello and also are very thankful for your love.

The blessings of our God abide with all of you.
Yours in Christ's service,       

Greetings from the brethren in Embu
April 20, 2010
Ma trip to Embu was very safe as well as successful.  We did have a wonderful Sabbath, going into detailed bible study about how the church functions and what guides us into those functions.

Ours was to have the brethren cemented in the word and not anything else. With people used to man-made regulations, we are encouraging the brethren to have their entire lives directed by the word and not what one sees or thinks to be good.

I had humble time to visit the homes of the brethren and discovered a family, which is widowed and orphaned at the same time.  I mean, a grandmother (window) with her grandsons and daughters whose parents are dead.  At age 78, she is the one struggling to take care of these kids.  She has no land and lives in the shopping centre, depending majorly on good wishers.  Even then, they are a very happy family and looked to have much trust in God.  I did assist them a little and promised to give their report to the church

From there, I was able to travel back to Nairobi, where I am now preparing for the second leg, which takes me to western Kenya, then Tanzania

God's work continues, will be leaving for Western Kenya on Wednesday

Your brother in Christ.

The Way of Give

We are here again after a long week of traveling, visiting and strengthening the brethren in various regions.  Our God is merciful and loving in that He saw us through, safely and successfully.  The brethren allover the areas we toured are growing in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ

I began with the Rongo group in western Kenya where we had a two days bible study with a group of eight people.  Five more people where not able to attend because they were out of the area at that time.  Among the eight who attend were two ladies who came in a mysterious way.  Our coordinator there told me how they were in a meeting one Sabbath and the two ladies just entered the hall, sat down and listened to a message he was reading from one of the materials we had sent him.  After the service, they followed him and wondered what our church is.  Since that time, they have become zealous brethren and are now with us.  God is working in some ways we can’t even think, adding to his church every day

From there, I proceeded to Tanzania where Brother Martin joined me and we traveled together to the new group, where we spend the Sabbath and the following day with them.  They also expressed their gratefulness to God who has enabled them to join the truth, which we are preaching.  It was after those two days that I came back to Kenya, visiting the Migori group where we fellowshipped with Rose and the brethren, after which, I began ma return journey to Nairobi.  This far, God is doing his wonderful works and we are thankful to Him for it all

Now, a wonderful love is developing among the brethren here in E. Africa.  Thank God who has used you, the international brethren in teaching us the way of give.  Around the end of last year, the coast brethren did donate some two sacks of maize to the brethren in Eastern Kenya who were suffering a great drought then.  This time, last week, the brethren in Eastern, who were blessed with some maize harvest, have donated two sacks of maize to the Embu brethren who didn’t harvest.  Is this not a fulfillment of the scripture, "Imitate me as I imitate Christ"?  Was it not you brethren who planted this seed and the spirit of God is now having it germinate in the hearts of the brethren here?  Praise God we are becoming sincere in our love for one another.

I did take pictures of the Rongo brethren and will send them soon. Could not take pictures from Tanzania (my batteries had gone low by the time we arrived) since it was deep in the interior and has no adequate transport and takes a whole day to reach there. The vehicles make one trip per day

This is your brother in Christ reporting to you from Nairobi, Kenya.

Passover/Night to Be Much Observed
April 3, 2010
Dear Brethren,
Greetings in the love of God, which is in Jesus Christ our Lord. We can't fail to be happy seeing what God is doing concerning his work.  The whole of last week, beginning with the Passover saw us visiting the coast region.  We did share a moving Passover, added to the inspiring night to be much observed which saw us sit until up to 2a.m.  We were able to share a lot of spiritual experiences, which were very uplifting to many, especially, the newly converted. Through the help you international brethren sent, we did enjoy some delicious meals, which added color to the entire spiritual picture.

It was in this extended evening talk in the night to be much observed that caught a certain A.I.C protestant pastor, who has been reading with us and now, decided to visit and see how we go about our holydays, right in the heart. He has always been opposing our teaching and has been going round, trying to convince people against our teaching.  But that night turned him completely until, in the morning, he did confess that he was fighting against God ignorantly.

We therefore did welcome him in the church, this time, not as a pastor but a mere member. Having been a protestant trained minister did not bar him from abandoning the position and humbling himself. 

After a full day service in the first day of unleavened bread, we did, travel again to Lungalunga, a town at the Kenya/Tanzanian border, where we met another group which had half heartedly accepted our gospel because their leader, an SDA man was confusing them, believing that America was the beast with two horns, a teaching of Helen G White.

When we reached them, they welcomed us nicely with delicious meals, thus continuing our feast atmosphere. We did spend the whole day in bible study and discussion. It reached a point when he felt cornered and bust with wrath, causing the discussion to come to un end. After the tempers cooled, we were able to tell him how we never wrote the Bible, and how we only read what is written there.  After another short while, the man changed completely and said he was very sorry to have opposed the scriptures and is now submitted fully to God.  We did lay hands on him and his wife and they joined the rest of the group, thus confirming a newly born group in that region.  We truly saw how the spirit of God works, especially when we stand firm on the truth. All who saw this acknowledged how it is God who changes people and not any effort by us.

Brethren, the work, which you have been supporting for several years now, is moving ahead, and this time, gaining speed by every day.  We have in last two months expanded with four new groups of brand new people being added to the church by Christ.

We were able to come back to Nairobi safely and are now planning for another missionary trip soon.  For this reason, as we continue to thank God, and more or so for you brethren, for the self denial which you have exercised in supporting this work, We also request every one of us to devote more time to prayer and to practicing this truth that God may strengthen us more and continue to equip us with what is necessary for the progressive witnessing of His truth as He is already doing.  We believe that his grace will continue to abide in every one, that his spiritual and physical blessings will abound the more.

Now that we have confirmed our commitment to Christ’s death, may we in this period of unleavened, be reminded of the need to quit sin and so be zealously striving for perfection in true righteousness and holiness, without which, no one will see God.

The brethren here salute you with great love and we all wish you a happy feast of UB, as well as the coming Sabbath. We pray and do believe that, one day we will meet, if not here, in the kingdom. God bless you and his love be with all of you forever.

Your brother Mutulu is reporting from this Eastern Region of Africa.


The First Being The Last

We have completed a very successful mission to Western Kenya and the Eastern part of Tanzania.  God did see us through a very safe and encouraging trip

We did meet some interesting brethren in Tanzania who formerly belonged to the Pentecostal apostolic church. These are a people who have never been in contact with any church of God group before. It was very uplifting how, after giving them the basis of the true gospel, they easily understood and wanted to straightaway learn, acknowledging without any difficulty that they have been living a lie and are now repenting of it.

They were so much interested that it forced me to take them with me the following morning so as to keep the Sabbath with them at Migori, the Kenyan side where we have another group.  We did spend the whole Sabbath with them, studying allot, and at the end of it all, they believed.  We have given them materials to study and understand the details about baptism, after which, we will now go and baptize them.

Something strange is happening brethren. I am comparing it with the Israelites who left Egypt. We all know that the older, the mature people who left Egypt died in the wilderness and not one of them entered Canaan except two, i.e., Josh and Caleb. It’s the young and new generation that entered the promised land.

Lets look at it brethren please.  Am not ruling but there is much of that in the church today.  Most of the people who began the worldwide Church of God today seem to have turned from the truth to endless fables, and have become rich in knowledge that, very few would accept either learning or being corrected.

Now, God seems to be raising a brand new generation who are coming with allot of zeal and also with readiness to learn, who are going deep into the word and are ready to live by it.

This being the last warning by the seventh angel messenger, and it is the new generation which is heeding to the voice, thus being the only people who will be prepared by it and made ready to meet Christ in the air at His second coming, Don’t we think it, a history repeating itself?  The old generation perishing in the world safe a few, and the new generation entering the kingdom and reigning with Christ?  Lets meditate on this please, and wonder whether we will be Joshua and Caleb or, the stony hearted majority who will perish in the today’s wilderness.

The work of Christ doing the final touches in his church building is on. We thank God for all of you brethren who have committed themselves to being used as instruments in doing it.  But we should remember the danger that faces us. That of: "after preaching to others, we ourselves be rejected", for being speakers of the word and not doers.

The cry "Behold he comes", is very loud right now and its ma prayer that we all heed to it and open our hearts for Christ to come in and accomplish us according to his purpose of calling us. Lets get courage and surrender fully, and let’s also, like Gideon’s army, move forward and fight. ”  For God has not given us a spirit of cowardice, but one of power, love and self control.

We still are in need of more Luo and Swahili bibles because most of these new comers don’t own one.  In a group of 10 people, we can find two or even one bible. Lets pray for god to open more resources that we may help the brethren in that direction.

Who is happier than we are?  Who is more thankful to God for the ability?  Who is more encouraged by the wonderful deeds of love that you international brethren are according to us, enabling to fulfill the spiritual desire to reach God's people in all corners?   Brethren, we are in all things very grateful and do pray for you day and night as we rejoice in your wealth of kindness. God bless you and energize you to, with us, complete the work set before us.

The grace of God be with all of you, even His Church.

It’s your brother in the faith reporting.

More Baptisms At Mombassa

We did make a very successful trip to Mombassa, arriving there on Friday in the morning.  After a short rest, I proceeded to meet the brethren whom we were out to baptize

After some hours of counseling and discussion, I found the brethren were very ripe.  So we did baptize them, after which we bought them some Swahili bibles. Later in the day, we went meeting another family, still in Mombassa town who had been reading our web. On counseling with them, they also proved to be people who had read deeply and are conversant with our faith.  They plan to be attending services with us

From there, the following day which was a Sabbath, we proceeded to Elijah's area. On joining with Elijah, we went visiting some other two families who live near the Kenya Tanzanian border.  We did spend the Sabbath with them and found one of them to be deeply devoted to our faith

After spending most of the day with them, we came back to Elijah's, after which, I had to leave back to Mombassa where we did spend the Sunday with the newly baptized members, encouraging them and discussing on how and where they will be fellowshipping

I did leave for Nairobi on Monday, arriving on the evening and found ma family in good shape.  This is how the work is going here in E. Africa.  God is still calling more new people to His church. There are those who have thought that the work of preaching the gospel is over.  But the truth is what we are reporting here. So many people here are interested in listening and studying the gospel for the first time in their lives.  A great majority of them are proving to be more zealous than some of us who have been since long. "The first is becoming the last and last first".  Lets continue to pray that God keeps this open door till we reach all

We intend to turn to Tanzania now where more new people from Pentecostal churches are calling.  There is need for bibles and more Materials since most of those coming don’t have any. We thank God who so far has enabled us to supply to as many as do request.  May we all pray that He continues to guide his work and also empower us to do it

Praises, glory and majesty be His forever and forever, AMEN.
Your brother in the faith reporting.



Greetings to all,

Glory be to God our maker who has kept us in good health and unity, the whole of this Roman year.  The work of preaching the gospel did spread with a speed we've never seen before, and this time, with great demonstration of love, yes, selflessness in the part of most of us brethren

Though a very tough year here in Africa due to extended drought, and occasional political violence, we of the church of God saw the great hand of our creator who sent his angels, in the being of you our international brethren and has delivered us from most of the problems

We can't fail to acknowledge you all for your willingness to be used by God in that way.  May His grace abide in all of you who have missed their sleep and at times their normal joy to come to our rescue

The year is now ending.  But it never went without achievements. As the gospel region enlarged, we were able to build a network ,especially on the communication side of it.  Through your tithes and offerings, we were able to purchase mobile phones for each new group in the various regions, thus enabling us to be in touch throughout

We also did purchase a motorbike for one of our coordinators whose area has four groups which are scattered over a large area. This enables him to visit easily and get to encourage them.  We were able to aid a slums school with books and some funds to help pay the teachers.

And above all else, we were able to send relief to the brethren almost throughout the year, proving the Godly outgoing concern which the spirit of God is developing in as many of us as are being led by it.

Last week, we did make our this year's last trip to the coast province of Kenya here in E. Africa.  As usual the trip was greeted with great enthusiasm from the brethren who continued to talk of how the church is coming together, and we all feel its a sign of the re-gathering prior to Christ’s return.

We did meet brand new people who have never belonged in any of the churches of God and who are now seriously searching the Bible to prove for themselves.  We had a chance to visit each family and got to know their living conditions.  I was able to spend some nights with most of them in their homes and realized that the areas is packed with mosquito’s.  No wonder its one of the malaria zones here in Kenya. The scaring thing is, the brethren have never had the opportunity to take preventive measures.  I myself did got some malaria as a result of the mosquito bites. After discussing with them, I realized that there is need to help them with mosquito nets.  These are things they have never used before but we felt it was high time we introduced the same to them.

As we discussed with them and our brother bill Goff, we found that we need some 50 additional mosquito nets.

Brethren, this is what we achieved and discovered in our missionary work this year.

As I always remind you brethren, you are not laboring for nothing.  Your efforts have brought this great change in the lives of the brethren here.  It has strengthened their faith in the God whom you have been preaching to them.

We all know how, the aim is not the physical but the spiritual, that of being born in the kingdom of God. But as it is, You have demonstrated through your ceaseless love, how the spiritual is manifested in the physical by your giving attitude.

As we end this year and begin to approach the spring holydays, I wish you all the godly spiritual and physical blessings.  Our prayer is that we continue to unleaven our lives. We need to overcome till we reach that level, whereby,"....nothing can offend us",and this is only possibly if we crash the self completely.  It is the self that feels the anger, the hatred, the lustful moves.  Lets prayerfully strive to crash it and so be made fully one in Jesus Christ our Lord.  Lets pray for one another, and for the work.
I wish you all success in this spiritual journey.  We have great hope of meeting all of you sometime, if not in this life, in the coming kingdom of God.

Thanks once again for the support, the encouragement, and the fellowship which has kept us awake to this far.  Let the grace of God, and his love which is in Christ Jesus our Lord be with you, now and forever.

Its your brother in Christ's service, James Waema Mutulu, reporting from E. Africa, Kenya


Greetings comes to you from Nairobi Kenya.  We thank God very much for what he is doing, both in our lives and the lives of as many as are relating with us.  The whole of last week and a portion of this week saw us furthering the gospel message to parts of western Kenya and Tanzania

We went encouraging the brethren, and reminding them of the need to continue burying the self as we let Christ do His finals in completing his spiritual building which is us, His church

On arriving at Oyugis, we did take our brother Crispin who joined us in the journey to South Nyanza, Rakwaro where we where met by our brethren and some other people who waited to here our message.  Among them was a Pentecostal pastor, who listened keenly after which he had some questions, which we answered from the bible. At the end of the talk, he did admit that our bible knowledge is advanced and we need to have more time to teach people. Two of those who were present requested to be part of us and we gave them our literatures which they are busy reading now. We also did buy some Luo bibles for them

From there we continued on our trip and joined the brethren at Migori where we spend a lovely Sabbath. There also, a new member from the united church of God joined us and after listening to our teachings, he decided to be with us.  Brethren, this is a show of what work God is doing through us as a church.
Unlike other times, our trip was encountered by heavy rains and this time, most of the areas in the country are expectant of harvest, unless otherwise. Even then, the famine isn’t gone as yet till sometime late in January. As usual ,we did share whatever we had with the brethren, giving some assistance as per the needs of those we met. Thanks to those of you brethren who are tirelessly sending funds for this course. God bless you, and we also the recipients bless you too with our good wishes and great thanks.

From there, we did proceed to Tanzania where for two days, we did share with the brethren and supplied some Luo bibles too. We were able to return to Nairobi safely, and are now reading ourselves for the last trip this year, which will see us go to the coast, Shimba Hills.

In all the groups, one thing is evident. The brethren are seriously striving to become of one mind.  In every place, members are remembering this year's feast which helped a lot in bringing them closer to one another. All have acknowledged the difference between this feast and many others in the past, acknowledging a spiritual growth, especially in the change of attitude in the hearts of many.  Love of many is growing and people are missing each other, just as you brothers are out there.

We now request the devoted prayers of all of us that we may enter this being fully committed in this final stage to perfection and be ready when Christ returns. So far, God is doing his work and a strange thing is happening. In the past, people of different groups of The churches of God would meet only to argue but it is no longer so.

Everyone this time seems to be interested more in the truth than in fighting for his group/her group.  There is also this willingness by many to assist, even when they don’t belong in the group they are assisting, something they would not do in the past

Brethren, isn’t this a sign of Christ re-gathering his church in the truth, the original foundation which makes us one?  It really is encouraging and we are very thankful for it. Lets continue in this selfless behavior and grow till we at last become the one church which Christ is building and is about to complete. God bless all of us and thanks once again for the good work.

May his grace abide with everyone of us and may we continue the fellowship till Christ returns.

Its your brother in Christ’s service, reporting from Kenya, Nairobi.
James Mutulu


From the ways things look, the thirst for the word of God  is brewing in the hearts of many in the today's world.  Recently, we did visit a brother who had migrated to a new region where Sabbath keeping is least known. When he arrived there, the residents began to wonder what kind of life he leads. So he invited them in his place with the intention of giving them the details of their desire.

We found this to be a God-given opportunity to take the gospel there which we did. On arriving there, we found some 10 families gathered at his home and we were able to socialize with them for a whole Sabbath and half of the Sunday. Those gathered there where Catholics, Protestants and Pentecostals.  But unlike other times when we meet such people, who come straight defending their faiths, these people were very good listeners and received the gospel attentively.  We showed them how the gospel of Jesus Christ is not just anything one can imagine and believe but rather a message from our creator which reveals to as many as do accept it, the purpose of our lives and how we can achieve it.  We abolished from their minds, the thoughts of denominations and challenged them to think of the life of God which is meant to be our lives and which, if one accepts, makes him/her a Christian.

After a detailed explanation of the same, all saw the need of researching to prove what we said and borrowed our literatures for more studies.  This is what made us feel that God is stirring the today's people into thrusting for the truth and allowing the gospel to spread as a witness before the soon coming End. After that, we did as Jesus during that time of the 5,000 multitude which gathered around him.  We did treat them to a lunch meal which we had prepared.  The area is among the most dry areas in the country and there is quite some famine.  So, this meal was quite a flavor to the message which we gave.  They really recommended our brother as one of the most loving man they ever met.  We also were able to give those who were heavily pressed some little assistance as we were able. So, as we spread the gospel, we are also demonstrating physically, through theses assistances, what the life of outgoing concern is all about. Unlike many others who preach the gospel and ask the people to contribute funds, we do give freely, asking nothing from them, proving the saying of Christ; “its more blessed to give than to receive". God truly is enabling to leave those we come across with something to think about.

After this we did make our trip back to Nairobi safely, feeling highly encouraged by the way God is holding the whirlwind and paving way for the gospel to move smoothly.  Thus was the experience of this trip and we believe it was as a result of your continued support both in prayer and financial support. Lets keep moving that direction brethren and fulfill our mission of reaching the four corners of the earth. We thank God for enabling us this far and also giving us this united front in doing it.  Grace be with all of you.

Mutulu, the overseer in Africa, reporting from Nairobi, Kenya


Hello, and greetings from us here in Africa, E. Africa, Kenya.

Our Lord did give us one of the signs of his coming and the end of the age as the preaching of the gospel to all the world.  This is evident with us here in Africa.

We are just arrived back in Nairobi from a gospel mission which saw us venturing into one of the most remote and also primitive areas I have ever seen. We did spend some five days combing the area with visits to individual families, and also discussions in town centers.  Most of the inhabitants of the place are Muslims with few protestants of different denominations.  There, we have four families which have been reading our materials for quite some period and have been requesting a visit.  And now we had humble time living in their homes and they helped us go round in the region, talking to people and expounding to them the meaning of life and where it will all end up, as is explained in the gospel.

Even though, heavy criticism abides, especially from the Seven Day Adventists “SDA’s” who live there, we were able to have some few who received the gospel and are now seriously reading our materials to prove all things.  We were also able to witness the hardships of doing the work of God as Paul did.  The place is a wilderness kind of an area, with no means of transport.  It is also bordered by a national park and so packed with Elephants, Lions, and Buffaloes which are very dangerous.  Since the only means of going around the region is walking, and long distances.

In our third day there, as we walked back to where we were staying, at around quarter to seven in the evening, we confronted a herd of Elephants which chased us and blocked the way until we could not get home.  We were forced to stay awake all night in a small shopping area of one of the Villages because there were no guest houses.  This is on top of walking long distances and staying long times without meals.  The place is so dry that the only means of anyone earning his daily bread, is to make burning charcoal to sell. The trucks which come to buy the charcoal are the same that bring food to the people which is normally very expensive.

Thanks to God for those of you who have been sending relief to this region.  We were able to buy some supplies to the brethren and also support the family where we lived with food in the days we stayed there.

With all these difficulties, we did reach the people with the good news of a coming kingdom and a very good life in which peace abides.  From the way thinks look, God is now doing his final recruitment, choosing to add up to the number of his cabinet in his soon coming kingdom.  The gospel is thus gaining ground in brand new areas and I believe, very soon, it will reach the four corners.

Thanks allot to all of you brethren who have supported this work to this far. Were it not for your contribution, we wouldn’t have the books, the transport, and the supplies to keep us going.  We were, by the same assistance, able to supply Bibles and reading materials.  This is how much you brethren, though very far, are seriously working out here through us and we thank God very much for you.

We are now going round tirelessly, to see to it that we fulfill the mission which God has put in our hands.  We hope you will also continue to do what you are doing now until we together as the church of Christ finish the work which he sent us to do.

We are now back in Nairobi for a few days, readying ourselves for the next trip which will see us going the Eastern region before we proceed to the western then on to Tanzania, the neighboring country.  We request the prayers of every one of you, that God may enable us with the wisdom and the will to do so.  May God bless you very much for accepting to assist us in serving him.

This is Your brother in Christ, James Mutulu, reporting from Nairobi, Kenya

Brethren in E. Africa ready to keep 2009 FOT
Greetings Brethren,

I hope this letter finds all of you in good spiritual health, as the end of this age nears and the “Day” approaches.  I wanted to update you concerning the work that our Creator has us involved in over there in E. Africa and also here at home in our daily lives

Currently our brother in Christ James Mutulu has been making the rounds to visit all of our scattered brethren around Kenya and in Tanzania.  James is making the final arrangements for the brethren to meet together in Mombassa for this year’s feast of Tabernacles.  As many of you know, we were able to contract an establishment for all of us to gather for the feast.  This will be a wonderful opportunity for us to be together and focus our minds on the soon coming Kingdom of God that is approaching

Thanks to the donations and love that has come in from you brethren, the brethren in that 3rd world country will be able to assemble together for the feast of Tabernacles, and have plenty of food (both spiritual and physical) to consume at the feast

Here are some of the recent E-mail that have come in from James Mutulu as he makes the rounds.  You can seen that life there in E. Africa continues to be a struggle for our brethren, especially as the drought intensifies

Beginning with yesterday, we are having power rationing here in the country, which is affecting the whole part of day light. Dams, which are producing the electricity, have dried up; even the biggest is now closed down. Cybers and other businesses are highly affected. I found this one, which is using a generator, so we can communicate via E-mail for the moment.

I have now reached the Coast and there are a few families here like the one we visited last time, and Elijah’s family, which are a bit stable.  But other people like Moses and many of the other brethren are needy again.  Could be you can consult with Elijah and know from him. Otherwise, I know that a great number of them don’t have income that can sustain them through the drought. Like the last time we were there, I / we spend a whole Sabbath without meals. We had to lastly buy some milk and make some tea.  It’s only that as i told you, they are not a people who would want to ask every time for help, but if we can assist them again, this would be good.

We were able to assist those brethren in need with some relief from the donations that many of you have been sending, and the brethren over there are very appreciative.  Mutulu is taking pictures as he travels, and I hope to send them to all of you soon as we receive them.

This lady watches, as her cow dies from the drought.  I’m told that  some areas in this part of Kenya haven’t had rain in five years.

Now concerning the upcoming fall feasts, Mark Rusinko from Trenton New Jersey will be giving the message on the feast of Trumpets, Friday Sept 18.  The new moon for the seventh month is on that Friday Sept 18th (Although most in the different churches of God are following the Hebrew calendar and will be keeping Trumpets a day after the actual new moon, on Sabbath Sept 19.)  The Hebrew calendar is off by one day this fall, but not due to their “Postponement rules” this time, but because when Hillel II drew up that calendar approximately 400 years after the death and resurrection of Christ, he used the same new moon dates that were on the Babylonian calendar that was in existence at that time, and those new moon dates are not accurate, and are called “fictitious” by onrUniversities in the world “Utrecht University” in the Netherlands

Many misguided ministers will tell you that the Bible contains no calendar within its pages for the keeping of God’s Holy Days, but to believe that lie would be total foolishness.  God’s calendar is in the pages of His Bible, and quite simple to comprehend, if one approaches the subject with obedience and an open mind to His Word.  The new month begins in the same manner that the new day begins.  When the sun falls below the horizon and its light disappears, it is the beginning of a new day.  The same holds true for the new month.  When the light shining on the moon goes out, it is called “New Moon” which is the same exact Hebrew word for “Month.”  “New Moon” – “Month” same Hebrew word.  So when it is new moon, it is also a new month.

Doyle Carlisle from Brackettville Texas will be giving the message on the “Day of Atonement” Sunday Sept. 27th. (The 10th day from the new moon) On both of those Holy Days, we plan to have a telephone hookup.  If you would like to join us, please see the attached paper for details. There is no cost to you for the call to connect with us, but you may want to call in on a “Speaker Phone” so you will be able to easily hear the messages

Now aside from the work that God has us involved in over in E. Africa, and aside from the commission that the church of God has to preach the Good News of the coming Kingdom of God, let us also remember the big work that our Creator is performing in all of those that are His. He has called us to glory and virtue, to holiness and perfection.  But accomplishing those goals includes much participation on our part.  It includes the utilization of His Holy Spirit.  Yes, that Holy Spirit of His that He gave us at our baptism has to be used, it has to be exercised, and it has to be flowing because it is alive.  It flows from the Father Himself into His children and then back out again in the form of good fruits like: love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, and faith

Are these fruits flowing out of each and every one of us brethren?  If they are not, then let us remember His instruction in Mt.12:33 “Either make the tree good, and his fruit good; or else make the tree corrupt, and his fruit corrupt: for the tree is known by his fruit.”

Our Creator is looking for our fruits, and fruits can only be produced on branches that are connected directly to the vine.  That vine is Christ Brethren; let no man or organization come between the One and only vine and His branches.  Let us move on to perfection, let us continue to grow in grace and in the knowledge of our soon coming Lord of Lord and King of Kings Jesus the Christ.  Let us prepare to keep the upcoming fall feasts not only physically, but also in spirit and in truth.

Update On Our Brethren In East Africa
Brethren in E. Africa ready to keep of the Passover
By bill Goff

Thanks to the love and concern from you who have been contributing your prayers and financial support to assist the brethren there in Kenya and Tanzania, they are now physically prepared to keep the Passover on the upcoming 14 of this first Month

James Mutulu and George Ortara have just completed making the rounds visiting nine of the COG groups that we are associated with over there in that part of the world.  Along with bringing them much needed food assistance due to the continued drought, they were also able to bring the Passover supplies.  Most of our brethren there have no way of purchasing the wine needed for Passover service, so Mutulu and Ortara made a special delivery to all nine of the groups there.  The brethren also had no flour to make their unleavened bread, but they do now, thanks to the continued concern from a number of you

Now it is just a matter of the brethren there (like each of the brethren here) to be spiritually prepared to take the Passover, and that’s a matter of self-examination.  A resent message given here in the States was also shared with our brethren there, concerning the self focus that each and every one of us in the COG need to be doing at this time as we approach the Passover.  Self-examination is to thoroughly search ourselves.  It’s time to take a good look at our behavior, our conduct and to thoroughly examine the areas where we are still falling short, and then, condemn and set right whatever we find wrong

Over there in Mombassa, Kenya there are also a few who have been counseling recently for baptism.  James Mutulu has now traveled there to conclude that counseling and to perform those baptisms.  So there will be a few more members of the Body of Christ, the church keeping this years Passover with the other brethren in that area

We do hope that all the members of the church of God from around the world have a good and prosperous Passover and feast of Unleavened Bread.  We will also report again on the fate of our brethren there in E. Africa soon after the spring Holy Days.

By bill Goff

Our brethren in E. Africa continue to suffer in their everyday life, as some of them are now going a day or two per week without food.  It is hard for some of us to comprehend this, but it is reality for our brethren living there where famine is steadily increasing due to a lack of rain

Kenya said on Friday (January 9) it would declare a national emergency over a drought that has left 10 million people needing food aid in East Africa's richest nation. The arid, northern areas are the worst hit in Kenya by a drought that is causing hardship around the East and Horn of Africa, particularly Somalia and Ethiopia.

"The Government is to declare a National Emergency in regard to the prevailing drought and famine situation in the country that has rendered nearly ten million Kenyans food insecure," said a statement from President Mwai Kibaki's office. Source: Reuters Nairobi, Jan. 9, 2009 (Reuters.)

More than three million Kenyans are threatened with starvation after a series of droughts, according to the World Food Program.
Kenya is suffering one of its worst droughts in decades.
Seasonal long rains failed this year and in the northern and eastern regions of the country 80% of the livestock has already died.

The puty country director for Kenya, David Fletcher, says people are selling their camels, cattle and goats for knockdown prices. "In some parts some people are down to their last goat," he said. Many of those affected are pastoralists who graze cattle and goats in the semi-desert scrub.

Kenyan TV reported that more than half of Kenya's population are facing the famine. We have a good network set up in E. Africa for a few years now where we stay in constant contact with approximately 12 Church of God groups there.  James Mutulu, the overseer based in Nairobi also travels to visit each group from time to time.  Most of our brethren living in Kenya and Tanzania are hard working peasant farmers, but have no control over the current whether conditions.

If you can possible help our brethren there, please send that help to:


We started “KHOH” a few years ago to try and raise funds to help our brethren who are living in that 3rd world Country.  We are 501c3 Tax-Exempt and will immediately send you a receipt for any and all donations.

Please don’t hesitate to call us at the phone number below if you have questions.
Thank You
bill Goff

Telephone: (843) 447-0140